News, Rumors and Opinions Monday 4-22-2024


MarkZ Announcement:

Mod:  Mark informed me he has an early flight tomorrow morning  (Monday)  and will not be landing in PR until late evening! 



Ariel:  Well guess who just left Houston? Iraq.

A lot of people are about to be rich. 

They are ready. 

Why wouldn’t this be there? Expect to see more of these. 

The image shows a currency exchange counter located inside what appears to be a shopping mall or airport terminal. The currency exchange is labeled “CURRENCY EXCHANGE” and has a “START CONNECTING” sign overhead, suggesting it may be a new or recently opened service. 

Currency exchange services allow travelers to exchange foreign currency or acquire the local currency of the country they are visiting. Having such facilities conveniently located in major transportation hubs and shopping centers makes it easier for international visitors to obtain the cash they need upon arrival. 

Given the image’s title mentioning Houston, this currency exchange seems to be a new service that has recently opened up in a popular mall or airport in the Houston, Texas area to cater to the needs of international travelers and shoppers there. Iraq has a rich reserve of oil and natural gas, but their energy infrastructure faces some challenges.

 Iraq’s oil and gas industry likely needs upgrades to become more efficient and productive. Houston is a hub for oil and gas technology companies, so Iraqi delegates might be seeking partnerships to improve their infrastructure.


Tommy:   They just opened a currency exchange at The Woodlands Mall north of Houston. Literally popped up overnight.

Crypto_Corvette:  I can confirm! I went there today! I asked the teller if he knew about the RV, he looked at me and smiled then he said you mean the 1-to-1 revaluation.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man   Article:   “Member of Sudanese delegation:  We will witness a rapid decline of the dollar in the coming days”  When they say the rapid decline of the dollar I don’t believe for a moment they’re saying the dollar is going to crash.  What I believe they’re saying is their expectation is the dinar is going to rise.

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:  Television saying that Alaq the CBI governor is going to stay in Washington DC for a few extra days.  They saying to us that he’s following up on what Sudani was doing…  FRANK:  Now that Sudani is back he’s going to start the process of explaining to you Iraqi citizens everything on how you are going to be receiving your lower notes, how you’re going to use the ATM machines…accounts, maybe even the education on the coins that will be coming out eventually.  You should be excited because I am!

Reverse Repo is Headed Back to Zero (again)

Heresy Financial:  4-22-2024


 0:00 Video Overview

0:27 The Reverse Repo Facility

1:42 Treasury Bills

5:23 Treasury Auction

 7:43 Effects of Reverse Repo Rate at Zero