News, Rumors and Opinions Monday AM 4-1-2024


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 1 April 2024

Compiled Mon. 1 April 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (RUMORS)

Sat. 30 March Banker: : “The council and Gov’t of Iraq have advised all retailers in country are free to revise their product prices upward to reflect the change in Dinar valuation taking place today in country. They are RVing in-country in Iraq today. Confirmed by two independent sources.”

Sat. 30 March Wolverine: “Guys I’ve been told by sovereign whales and Charlie to remain quiet from now on. God has got this.”

Sat. 30 March Ginger: “We’re hearing that the revaluation of the rate is currently underway inside the border of Iraq. The Parliament committee has instructed Iraqi merchants and retailers to adjust their prices of goods and services, effective this weekend, to reflect the changes of their new rate for the Iraqi Dinar. My crystal ball is broken but I have a hopeful hunch they will do like Kuwait did, all those years ago. Kuwait wanted to change their rate inside the country first, privately, for the citizens to enjoy and celebrate their advancement onto the international stage. After several days, the new rate went live, internationally on the FOREX for the whole world to see!”

Fri. 29 March Tp @QFs_Global: Expecting USN (United States Note) from ATM soon. Important EBS worldwide message soon. Important real CIC message soon. Both dinars and dong in very high double digits. ZIM will be redeemed 1 to 1 period. Expecting 800 numbers at any moment now.

Fri. 29 March Bluwolf: Expecting new gold/asset-backed USN (United States Note) from ATM soon. Important EBS worldwide message soon. Important real CIC message soon. Both dinars and dong in very high double digits. ZIM will be redeemed 1 to 1 period. Expecting 800 numbers at any moment.

Fri. 29 March MarkZ: “Bond folks seem to be in a “holding pattern,” but they still expect contracts and a payment of 1% of their funds on Mon. 1 April.”

Thurs. 28 March Bruce: The International Iraqi Dinar Rate will be announced Easter Sun. 31 March. Super Whales and Whales received their appointments last Fri. 22 March. Some have been given access to their funds. Regular Bond Holders will complete their exchanges around noon Easter Sun. 31 March. Tier4b(us, the Internet Group) will receive notification to set appointments at Redemption Centers to receive the special rates on Mon. 1 April and start exchanges on Tues. 2 April. In the US the R&R funds will be released the first week in April. Increases in Social Security will begin in April. The General Public will be able to exchange at banks at the international rates on Mon. or Tues. 8, 9 April.

Sat. 30 March: Breaking News: EBS-GCR Announcement Sparks Global Currency Reset – Important Real CIC Message Soon – United States Note! – American Media Group (

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Article quote:  “…The head of the Parliamentary Finance confirmed the exchange rate will continue to decline according to current data.”  Exactly.  Because once you guys go public and private and you adjust your real effective exchange rate the parallel market goes bye-bye…and the dollar’s pricing is going to go down, the dinar is going to get stronger.  Exactly what Sudani said…

Frank26  The next thing I want to see [After the restrictions are lifted on the one main Iraqi bank] is the budget being amended and released because then after that it’s a domino effect.  Everything else will follow it…


X22 Report (w/ Bill Holter): In the 2009 Recession Something Big was Missed, China Sets the Gold Price

Monday, 1 April 2024, 3:22 AM

The [CB] is running out of ammunition, they will not be able to keep it together.

 In 2009 recession something big was missed, this is how they kept the system running, this time around they will not.

Gold will take off, gold is rising because China is now setting the price. In the end it’s all going to reset.

I Still EXPECT The IQD to RV

Vital Brad:  4-1-2024

Answering a question for a viewer: Do I expect the Iraqi Dinar to revalue still? It’s been many years but I’m still holding suspecting we are closer than we were before.