TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Monday Morning 4-1-2024


Tishwash:  Al-Sudani receives an invitation from the Saudi Crown Prince to participate in the World Economic Forum

Media Office of the Prime Minister: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman referred in his message to the Prime Minister to the close relations linking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Iraq and that his participation will have a good impact on the success of the meeting’s work.

 Today, Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani received an official invitation from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to participate in the special meeting of the World Economic Forum, which the Kingdom will host at the end of next April.

This was mentioned in a statement issued by Al-Sudani’s office and received by Shafaq News Agency. 

The statement conveyed that Bin Salman, in a letter he sent to Al-Sudani, referred to the close relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and that his participation will have a good impact on the success of the meeting’s work.

According to the statement, the special meeting of the World Economic Forum will be held in Riyadh for the period from April 28-29, and will address a number of international topics and issues, and discuss international cooperation in the fields of economics and sustainable development.   link


Tishwash:  International competition to operate the large Al-Faw port… Transport: We will choose the best

Chinese, Singaporean, and Emirati companies are competing to operate the Al-Faw Grand Port, while the Ministry of Transport will announce during the coming period the company that will become a partner in managing and operating the port.

Director of the Ministry’s Media Office, Maitham Al-Safi, said: The Ministry is seeking to contract with international companies specialized in the fields of port management and operation to be accredited as a partner in the management and operation of the Grand Faw Port, as it has received several offers in this regard, and it will announce the name of the operating partner during the next short period.

He added, “The most prominent contenders for managing and operating the port are Chinese, Singaporean, and Emirati companies that have great experience as they manage the most important major ports on the continent of Asia,” indicating that “the committees concerned with preparing the requirements for operating the port are working to expedite the preparation of what is required of the companies submitting operating offers through the application.” The vision of the government and the Ministry of Transport in establishing strategic projects, the most important of which is this project and making it a global transit station.

Al-Safi noted “the necessity for the company that will be selected to prepare the necessary plans to manage and operate the port based on studying the regional and international maritime transport market and marketing studies and their impact on the optimal choice of management and operation method.”

He explained, “Giving opportunities to invest in Al-Faw Port projects to giant companies that operate within international standards is the most important challenge for the Ministry during the first phase of operating the project, especially as it is prepared to receive reputable international companies that intend to invest in their projects according to future plans and visions that they have set in advance.”

He pointed out that “the Ports Administration is working as one team with the Ministry of Transport to achieve the highest levels in implementing port projects that have reached advanced completion rates, whether in the work of the five berths or the highway linking the port and the submerged tunnel in the city of Umm Qasr, or in the container handling station, or in the canal.” Navigationa llink


CandyKisses: Transportation: We are working to activate mass transportation in the cities of Sadr and Shula

Economy News – Baghdaddad

The General Company for Passenger Transport and delegations in the Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday the start of activating a mass transport line in some areas of Baghdad passing through the center and south of the capital, while confirming that the next phase will include the areas of Sadr City and Shula.

The company’s general manager, Karim Kazem Hussein, said in a statement reported by the official news agency, and seen by “Economy News”, that “under the guidance of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and under the direct supervision of Transport Minister Razzaq Muhaibis, the company began today in the fourth station to activate mass transport in a number of areas of Baghdad.”

He added, “This line will start from the Bismayah area towards Jurf al-Naddaf and Diyala Bridge, then the Canal Road, then the Mashtal Intersection towards New Baghdad, and take the Mohammed al-Qasim highway through the Bab al-Sharqi intersection in central Baghdad, as well as the Nahda intersection, then Sheikh Omar and ending with Bab al-Mu’azzam and back again.”

“This axis is the fourth out of 72 axes that will be activated successively on all provinces and areas of Baghdad province,” he said, noting that “there is a plan to expand also towards other provinces.”

“The next phase will be towards the most densely populated areas towards Sadr City and the torch area, as we have a plan in the coming weeks to start these lines,” he said