Oil announces the solution of the gas crisis in Iraq during 2024


The Ministry of Oil announced on Sunday that they are planning to take certain measures in the upcoming year’s plan, 2024. This move is expected to help resolve the gas crisis and decrease the need for gas imports. The announcement also confirmed that the government is actively interested in increasing gas production to meet the country’s growing needs.

Abdul Baqi Khalaf, the advisor to the Ministry of Oil, stated in an official agency communication that the government and the Ministry of Oil have a vested interest in gas projects due to their significance in the Iraqi energy industry and their potential to reduce emissions. He further noted that the ministry has plans to add at least 700 million cubic feet of gas to the second phase projects of Basra (NGL), the Halfaya 300 project, and the Nasiriyah project by 2024.

Khalaf clarified that the quantity is equivalent to over 50% of the flare gas currently released. This will help solve Iraq’s gas crisis and accounts for more than half of the country’s gas imports.

During a statement, he highlighted that the sixth round of gas projects and the government’s focus on the Mansouriya and Okaz fields demonstrate the state’s eagerness to augment gas production and diminish the current electricity demand deficiency in the country. This indicates that there are efforts to increase the gas capacity of the nation.