Sudanese discusses mechanisms for developing oil fields and expanding work on gas projects

Sudanese discusses mechanisms for developing oil fields and expanding work on gas projects

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani emphasized the significance of developing the electricity sector and the integrated energy project plan.

In a statement received, the Prime Minister’s Office announced that Al-Sudani presided over a regular meeting to review the progress of the Ministry of Oil and its projects. The Minister of Oil, the advanced staff of the ministry, and the Prime Minister’s advisors for oil and energy affairs attended the meeting. The Ministry’s plans to develop the oil sector in Iraq were also discussed.

During the meeting, there was a comprehensive review of extraction and distribution projects, export axis, gas and refinery projects, completion rates, and challenges faced during the implementation of these projects. Additionally, the investment opportunities that were announced by the ministry for 2023 were also discussed.

Al-Sudani emphasized the crucial need to advance the oil and gas sector in all its aspects, as it is closely linked to the state’s development plans and objectives. He highlighted the significance of investing in the recent rise in global oil prices to increase financial allocations through optimal oil and gas investments.

The speaker noted that oil is the primary source of income and the government is focused on developing the oil sector and other related industries such as chemical, petrochemical, and fertilizer industries as per the government program. Additionally, the government is also working on developing the electricity sector and implementing the integrated energy projects plan program. The speaker emphasized that the government is committed to providing support in terms of solutions, policies, and decisions.

Al-Sudani was briefed about the results of the discussions held between the Ministry of Oil in the Federal Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. The purpose of these discussions was to complete the necessary procedures for re-exporting crude oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan.