Oil Ministry Discusses Development Plans with TotalEnergies

Oil Ministry Discusses Development Plans with TotalEnergies

In a Joint Management Committee meeting, Iraq’s Oil Ministry discussed the development plan for fields and projects contracted with TotalEnergies, a French company.

The Deputy Minister for Extraction Affairs confirmed the Ministry’s dedication to implementing strategic projects with TotalEnergies and QatarEnergy.

The Ministry has released a statement which outlines four major projects under a contract aimed at supporting the national economy. These projects include field and oil reservoir development, gas utilization, water supply for local needs, and a pioneering 1,000-megawatt solar energy project – the first of its kind in Iraq.

The contracting company has received the project execution work for developing the Artawi field to increase its production capacity to 210,000 barrels. The meeting also covered the gas treatment project in six oil fields, namely Ratawi [Artawi], Majnoon, West Qurna 2, Siba, Luhais [Lahais], and Tuba [Subba]. Furthermore, the seawater project was discussed, which aims to provide substantial quantities of water for industrial and agricultural purposes. The plan also includes transitioning to alternative energy sources.

The projects mentioned in the agreement are set to provide Iraqi private sector with new opportunities to participate and create employment opportunities in the region. Julien Pouget, the Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at TotalEnergies, expressed his pride in the contract and appreciated the continuous support from the Oil Ministry to facilitate the projects included in the agreement. The projects, which consist of the Artawi field development, gas emissions reduction, utilization of associated gas in oil fields, seawater supply, and the production of 1,000-megawatt solar energy, are expected to have a positive impact on Iraq’s oil and gas industry.