Sudanese: The development route is the best, shortest, and least expensive corridor in terms of transportation and transit

Sudanese: The development route is the best, shortest, and least expensive corridor in terms of transportation and transit

On Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed that the Iraqi government is prioritizing the development road project as a key strategic initiative.

During a meeting today with Turkish Minister of Transport Abdulkadir Oraloglu, who is visiting the capital Baghdad, Iraqi Minister of Transport, Nasser Al-Shibli, discussed the progress of the development road project between Iraq and Turkey. The purpose of the meeting was to clarify and solidify the joint understandings between the two countries regarding the project. A statement issued by Al-Sudani’s office confirmed this.

The statement attributed to Al-Sudani mentioned that the development road project will enhance the relationship between Iraq, Turkey and other countries in the region through common interests. He stated that this project will be the most efficient, quickest and cost-effective transportation corridor for linking the Middle East to the European continent.

In the statement, it was mentioned that Al-Sudani expressed his admiration for the Turkish side’s eagerness to take part in the significant project. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a constant technical dialogue between the two nations to devise an economic model that will facilitate the execution of the project.

The Turkish Minister of Transport has expressed his country’s strong interest in participating in the road development project. He commended Iraq’s efforts in advancing and reforming its economy, and expressed satisfaction with the plans and crucial measures taken by the Iraqi government.

On Saturday, the Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibas Al-Saadawi, held a meeting with the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Abdulkadir Uraloglu, and his delegation in Baghdad to discuss a road development project.

A development road project worth an estimated 17 billion dollars is set to connect the important port of “Al-Faw Grand Port” on the southern Iraqi coast to the border with Turkey by extending a railway and road network. This project aims to facilitate the transportation of goods and improve connectivity across the region.

The development of a road project aims to connect the oil-rich southern port of Al-Faw in Iraq with Turkey, making the country a transit hub by reducing travel time between Asia and Europe. This project is intended to compete with the Suez Canal.

The Iraqi government plans to extend high-speed train lines to local industrial and energy centers for transporting goods and passengers at a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour, which may include oil and gas pipelines.

The current plan involves modernizing and building over 1.2 thousand kilometers of railways and highways connecting Iraq to neighboring countries, ultimately linking the main transportation roads to the main port of Al-Faw located on the shores of the Gulf.