The state of law demands that the Sudanese reveal the mystery of the “theft of the century”

The state of law demands that the Sudanese reveal the mystery of the “theft of the century”

Saad Al-Muttalabi, the leader of the State of Law coalition, said on Thursday that the government should tell the public about the theft of the century scandal and not hide its details. He also said that theft deals scandals are still happening in many governorates.

 Al-Muttalabi made the following statement to “There is a kind of ramifications in the case as a result of the involvement of many parties and big heads in it,” noting that “most of those involved in the case are still there.” Additionally, “the scandal of the theft of the century has many hidden circumstances that have turned into a big mystery that cannot be kept silent about.” “The continued emergence of scandals confirms that there is no party standing up to the parties involved in the theft of the century deals,” he said, “outside the scope of legal accountability at a time when the government continues to emphasize the fight against corruption and holding the whales of corruption accountable.”

 He called attention to that “the public authority is expected to uncover every one of the subtleties, name those included, and uncover He talked about the subtleties of that wrongdoing without graciousness, adding that “embarrassments of burglary bargains are as yet showing up in many governorates.”

Agent Muhammad Al-Sayoud affirmed, in a meeting with the , that the arraignment of every one of those associated with the arrangement of the century issue go on as of not long ago, adding that the public authority of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi left Weighty debasement documents, the repercussions of which are as yet proceeding.

An individual from the Place of Delegates, Bassem Khashan, had uncovered another market in Al-Muthanna Governorate, which he called the burglary of the Qarn Al-Samawah, which is as yet being examined.