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CandyKisses:   Sudani adviser: We are keen to establish a positive relationship with America after its withdrawal

Mawazine News – Baghdad

Hisham Al-Rikabi, Advisor to the Prime Minister, confirmed the keenness of The government has “positive relations” with coalition countries, led by the United States United Nations, after its withdrawal from Iraq, expressing the hope that all observers and opinion will touch The year is “clear indications” in the coming days about the mechanisms of withdrawal.

Hisham al-Rikabi said that “Iraq is keen that His relations will be positive with the countries of the international coalition with the withdrawal, led by the States united”.

“We want to This relationship is diverse and includes all sectors and areas in which Iraq can It is useful and needed.”

Hisham al-Rikabi pointed out that the Sudanese government has adopted since its formation “the choice of Constructive dialogue with all issues that hinder the work of the government, and how to find calm solutions Far from escalation to ensure the continuation of the stable situation in the country.”

Regarding the issue of the presence of the international coalition, he pointed out The government program of the prime minister, which won the confidence of parliament, stressed “the need for a withdrawal This coalition is from Iraq, especially after the need for its presence disappeared after the defeat of the Isis organization terrorist thanks to our armed forces and their military formations, as well as thanks to the international coalition who supported Iraq during these operations.”

He hoped that “there will be indications Clear in the coming days to be felt by all observers and public opinion about the mechanisms of withdrawal And how will the relationship between the parties represented in the international coalition and Iraq be,” he recalled. that the government’s statement “was clear about future relations with the coalition forces, which “It will be based on mutual cooperation and mutual respect.”


Tishwash:  Sudanese Advisor: Iraq is at the best stage in its financial history

Mazhar Saleh, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, confirmed that “Iraq is in the best condition in its financial history, through the reserves it possesses of gold and foreign currencies,” indicating that “the growth of the gross domestic product is continuous and stable.”

 Saleh told the official agency, followed by Al-Mutala’, that: “Iraq’s oil revenues will remain the main source of growth in the country’s foreign currency reserves, and those reserves will rise with the rise in the cycle of oil assets, all of which lead to an increase in indicators of the efficiency of foreign currency reserves, whether Commercial efficiency (coverage of the mentioned reserves for the number of import months for Iraq, which currently exceeds 15 months compared to the global standard of three months), or in covering the money supply, or the fact that these foreign reserves in terms of percentage have the ability to cover the external debt services payable.”

He added: “The country’s oil revenues still provide 98% of the assets of the investment portfolio for the country’s foreign currency reserves, whether in monetary gold or various foreign currencies. All indicators of the efficiency of foreign reserves mentioned above indicate that Iraq today is in the best condition in its financial history.” These reserves flourish and grow with the index of the growth rate in the current account surplus of the balance of payments to the country’s gross domestic product, which was estimated for the year 2023 at approximately (positive 9%), and is estimated for the year 2024, at the same similar rate, according to published data from international credit evaluation institutions. “For Iraq.”

He pointed out that “there are standard investment mechanisms and guides approved globally by the monetary authority in managing the country’s foreign currency reserves, as their tools and methods are evaluated in consultation with multilateral international financial organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, on a periodic basis to ensure optimal management of reserves, both in Providing appropriate returns, sufficient liquidity and low risks at the same time.”

He continued: “It takes into account avoiding all forms of risks, whether the risks of currency exchange rate fluctuations, interest, or liquidity risks, as well as the legal risks in managing those reserves, which are the basis of the country’s foreign investment portfolio, and today they represent something similar to the Iraqi dinar exchange rate stabilization fund that it defends.”

The country’s monetary policy represents assets corresponding to the national currency issued as (liabilities) and adequate coverage of the dinar to ensure its stability, in addition to the role of reserves in financing foreign trade for the private sector.” At the conclusion of his speech, he stressed that “as the cycle of oil assets increases, the country’s foreign assets increase and inevitably rise in the country’s investment portfolio.”  link 

Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Frank26   This week into next week many banks around the world are talking about what the CBI deliver to the GOI and they talk about it in Davos.  They know when it’s to be delivered, they know the rate, they know the date, they know everything.  It is approaching us very very soon.  It is highly possible we are right around that two month range based on what I know…It’s going to explode.  It’s going to climb so quickly…It might happen so fast that it might jeopardize us.  We need to make decision quick…

Militia Man  When we say non-oil economy – Iraq’s currency back in the day during Saddam Hussein was $3.22…I think everybody can agree with that…it’s public information.  That was on oil only.  You didn’t add in tourism…gold…reserves..natural gas…hydrogen… lithium…taxes and tariffs at the borders…Everybody that is invested in the Iraqi dinar…should know…these things to be evident and true…


Collision (Coalition?)  is leaving Iraq Iqd

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