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CandyKisses:  Kurdistan Region suspends official working hours tomorrow, Monday

Baghdad today – Sulaymaniyah

Today, Sunday (November 19, 2023), the governorates of the Kurdistan Region joined the governorates that closed the official working hours for tomorrow, Monday, due to bad weather conditions.

Before that, Diwaniyah and Nineveh announced the suspension of official working hours for tomorrow, Monday, in government institutions, with the exception of security and health departments and sixth-grade middle school students who are taking ministerial exams (third round).

Iraq is affected by two depressions, from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, which necessitated issuing warnings of lightning and accompanying thunder, in addition to heavy rain.

Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance intends to host the Central Bank Governorate and why?

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, today, Sunday, the committee’s intention to host the Governor of the Central Bank against the backdrop of depositing funds in dollars.

Ali Jabbar Mu’nis said {to Al-Furat News} that: “There must be a solution to the issue of depositing funds in dollars and delivering them to depositors in dinars and at the official rate, which exposes depositors to great losses.”

He pointed out, “The difference between the parallel and official price of the dollar is not slight, and it exposes them to loss and takes away the rights of depositors,” describing this matter as a “big problem.” 

 Mu’nis added, “The file will be discussed in the Finance Committee, hosted by the Governor of the Central Bank and bank managers, for the purpose of reaching solutions and remedies.” link


CandyKisses:  Transportation: We are working to attract international airlines

Information/Baghdad.The Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday that it is working to attract international airlines and increase the use of space corridors in Iraqi airspace.

The director of the ministry’s media office, Maytham al-Safi, said in a statement seen by Al-Maalouma that “the ministry is working on preparing an integrated plan to attract international airlines and increase the use of space corridors in Iraqi airspace, in order to maximize revenues and supplement the general budget of the state, as well as activating the economic aspect in this field in line with its orientations to the need to develop cadres according to the government program.””

The General Company for Air Navigation, being the body responsible for monitoring and managing Iraqi corridors and airspace, has done all its measures to develop its staff, navigation infrastructure and human resources to provide the best services to international and local airlines and enhance air safety for aircraft crossing Iraqi airspace and departure, in accordance with international standards and within the requirements of the Civil Aviation Organization, ” al-Safi said.

He explained that “the Ministry is committed to all the merits and recommendations issued by international organizations in the field of civil aviation, within the countries of the Middle East, to secure safer air traffic in Iraqi airspace, in addition to upgrading work by improving the quality of air services it provides and gaining the confidence of air and international navigation, noting at the end of his speech that work is still underway in the project of new air corridors linking with the State of Kuwait, by conducting calculations for the design and modernization of the map of Iraqi air corridors.” 


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Militia Man  The Bank of International Settlements is the central banks of all central banks.  They move markets.  Commercial traders fear central banks because of the amount of money they have to be able to throw at markets.  The Bank of International Settlements talked with language I’ve never heard before in my 30 years of trading.  When central banks have to be very very careful on how they say things because what they say will move markets.  People can lose and make money.  Article “The Arab Monetary Fund of the International Settlements organized a meeting…on Wednesday and Tuesday November 15th 16th of 2023”  This article did not come out until the 16th.  The 15th they never mentioned it…Why not tell you in advance they’re having a meeting…?  [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Militia Man    Quote:  “the meeting comes under highly complex economic conditions…discussing a number of aspects related to the role of monetary policy in facing risks resulted from the repercussions of possible macroeconomic shocks…”  In other words, something is going to happen and they’re telling the largest entities in the world that they’re facing risks resulting from repercussions of possible macroeconomic shocks.  In other words if something happens in a small country, something else could happen in a big country…If the bank of International Settlements is telling this to other central banks who does business with other central banks, those that need to know this information just got told something’s up.  [Post 2 of 2]

Iqd- theres what we looking for …just waiting game

Nader:  11-19-2023

A Major Economy Just Collapsed & America’s About To Be Next, Global 2024 Recession Coming

Sean Foo:  11-19-2023

The third largest economy just saw a big economic contraction with GDP crashing over 2 percent! Japan is in trouble and it’s not just because of their currency collapse. Global demand is slowing across the world and not even the resilient US economy is exempt from a recession. Here’s why a global 2024 recession is on the cards & in fact, highly probable.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 A Big Economic Collapse

2:53 Global Demand Destruction

6:08 US Consumer In Crisis

9:11 Endless Deficit Spending

12:32 US Economy Not Invincible