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Tishwash:  America does not intend to leave while the government shakes hands with it economically

Former MP Fadel Al-Fatlawi said on Wednesday that America is very evasive about the exit of its forces from Iraq, despite the agreements it signed with the Iraqi government and the arms contracts for the Iraqi army, as well as the economic agreements and investments granted to Washington.

Al-Fatlawi said in a statement to the Al-Ma’louma Agency, “Al-Araqi committed America to agreements to leave the country, and the government is proceeding with these measures by forming specialized committees as part of its duties,” noting that “the American side does not intend to exit and is evading a lot in this file despite the security and economic agreements.” .

He continued, “The withdrawal of the Americans from Iraq is a public political demand that the government must implement,” noting that “during the coming period, we may witness a scheduling of exit and gradual withdrawal due to pressure.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq bought 41 F-16 aircraft from America, in addition to contracts to arm the Iraqi army, while security forces believe that Iraq can wave the arming card against the Americans to force them to leave.  link

Tishwash:  Is Iran dependent on Malaysia to circumvent US sanctions?

 A senior US Treasury official confirmed that Iran relies on Malaysian service providers to circumvent sanctions and sell its oil in the region.

Washington has imposed tough sanctions on Iran and its proxies, seeking to deprive it of funds it says it uses to destabilize the Middle East.

The official, requesting anonymity, said that Tehran’s oil sales in East Asia financed armed groups allied with it, including Hamas and the Houthis.

The source reported that oil shipments were sent to buyers in the region via waters near Singapore and Malaysia.

The official added, “Iran’s ability to transport oil depended on… this type of service provider based in Malaysia.” We want a direct dialogue with Malaysia on this matter.”

He continued, “Stopping these oil shipments will deal a decisive blow to Iran’s ability to finance these attacks around the world, including attacks by the Houthis, who are currently threatening commercial shipping.”

The US Treasury Department will cooperate with shipping companies and banks in Singapore and Malaysia to stop the sales, according to the official.

He explained that Washington is also seeking to “prevent Malaysia from turning into a jurisdiction where Hamas believes it can collect money and then transfer it.”

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced last month that Washington is working to reduce Iran’s ability to export oil, suggesting that “we can do more.”  link


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Walkingstick  The value of their currency is determined by the resources tapped and untapped.  The futures of Iraq are astronomical.  You have no idea, investor of the Iraqi dinar, what you have invested in. Phosphates…sulfur…diamonds…gold…silver…oil, gas, all the mining companies are lining up and it’s all these industries, they are the factors that will drive the dinar up internationally.

Mnt Goat   Can you see just how close Iraq is to fulling Al-Sudani’s promise of making the dinar a proud national currency once again. Also remember too that he did say it “was” valued over a dollar already…

I got yaaaaa……the war has ended

Nader:  5-8-2024

Tom Luongo: We’re Now Deep In The Bifurcation Of The Global Financial System

Arcadia Economics:  5-8-2024

We’re seeing the sanctions heat up again, while rates have risen in the US, which has led to a new level of pressure on global financial system.

 So it’s a great time to check in with Tom Luongo of Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns, who shares how the geopolitics fit in with the finances, and where the world is headed from here.

Tom talks about why we’re now deep into the bifurcation of the global financial system, how the Fed is really planning to navigate the delicate balance between more inflation and higher rates, and how the world is responding to the concerns about the US treasury as a store of energy value.

To find out more with a great recap of where it all stands, click to watch the video now!

Note: Bifurcation:  the fact that something is divided into two parts or the act of dividing something into two parts  ot  the division of something into two branches or parts: