Turkmen Parliamentary leader foresees agreement on rotating Kirkuk leadership roles

Turkmen Parliamentary leader foresees agreement on rotating Kirkuk leadership roles

Arshad Al-Salihi, the head of the Turkmen parliamentary coalition, declared on Saturday that there were indications of understanding between ideological groups to pass a suggestion that would turn the jobs of committee president and legislative leader of Kirkuk among the three fundamental parts.

This would ensure that the idea of joint work is understood and diminish the impacts of gathering past negative strategies.

He offered these comments during the present visit to the Board of Clans of the Iraqi Turkmen.

Al-Salihi talked about the most recent improvements in the political scene and the significance of State leader Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani’s drive to shape an alliance to oversee Kirkuk, expecting to support the energy of discussions between the triumphant political powers in the governorates.

Important, Kirkuk held its most memorable decisions starting around 2005 on December 18, 2023. The Kurds won seven seats, separated into five seats for the Enthusiastic Association of Kurdistan (PUK), two for the Kurdistan Leftist faction (KDP), and one for the portion (Babylon), making a sum of eight seats.

Interestingly, the Middle Easterners won six seats, dispersed as follows: three seats for the Middle Easterner Collusion, two for the Administration Partnership, and one for Al-Ourouba Coalition, while the Assembled Iraqi Turkmen Front won two seats.

The appointive scene in Kirkuk reflects uniformity in the quantity of seats between Kurds, Bedouins, and Turkmen (8-8), which has prompted the powerlessness of any party to frame the nearby government.

Al-Sudani supported a gathering for the triumphant political powers in the Kirkuk Commonplace Chamber races, declaring a “principled understanding” to shape the nearby government in the governorate.

The members declared the development of the “Kirkuk Organization Alliance” containing every one of the triumphant powers in the Commonplace Board, led by the Head of the state until the protected techniques are executed to frame the neighborhood government.