World Bank Supports Iraq’s Financial Reform Program

World Bank Supports Iraq's Financial Reform Program

Finance Minister Satif Sami has met with a variety of professionals and specialists, including Richard Abdulnour, the World Bank’s Special Representative in Iraq, and Jean-Christophe Carre, the regional director for the Middle East.

Priorities for development projects were reviewed, as well as how the World Bank can help strengthen the business and financial sectors and the investment climate. The need of maintaining bilateral collaboration to advance sustainable development and aid the Iraqi government’s economic reform initiative was emphasized.

Minister Sami outlined the ministry’s initiatives and goals to quicken banking and financial reforms in accordance with the goal of the Iraqi government to bolster the country’s economy, attain economic equilibrium, and implement sound fiscal policy.

The official of the World Bank stressed the importance of their ongoing, sincere, and productive collaboration with the Iraqi government, offering the knowledge and experience required for programs aimed at growth and business and financial sector reforms.