Al-Sudani exempts engineering and technical leaders in the electricity sector

Al-Sudani exempts engineering and technical leaders in the electricity sector

Top state leader Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani led, today, Wednesday, the normal gathering on the Service of Power’s ventures and creation plans, within the sight of agents of the Services of Power, Oil, and Arranging.

“during the meeting, the Ministry of Electricity’s procedures for the current summer season were followed up, the challenges facing its various sectors, ways to address the problems that obstruct the implementation of plans and programmes, and the level of response to citizens’ complaints and violations on networks,” according to a statement from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers that was received by the Transportation.

According to the statement, Al-Sudani confirmed that the government gives the electricity issue a special priority by continuing to hold meetings throughout the year to develop and address the root issues. Additionally, the government has developed an integrated plan in which investment was included as a party to address the requirement for production, in renewable energy projects, and the search for an economic model that meets the ambition.

“The levels of available storage of petroleum products, including fuel oil and gas oil, and the increases achieved from it were discussed, and Mr. Sudanese directed to secure the full needs of the electrical stations for fuel, and to continue equipping private generators in accordance with the applicable controls,” the statement explained. In addition, he instructed that the Ministries of Oil and Electricity must work closely together to ensure that fuel is supplied and that electrical stations continue to operate.

He called attention to that the gathering chose to “absolved the designing and specialized forerunners in the power area from the people who postponed in doing errands and answering residents’ objections, and it was demonstrated that Their bungle of the joints allocated to them. In addition, he instructed His Excellency to seek the assistance of consulting organizations to improve the sector’s management levels in terms of planning, production, maintenance, and collection, as well as to accelerate the referral of projects whose efficiency and technical and economic feasibility have been demonstrated.

“The progress of implementing electrical interconnection projects with countries that are neighboring,” Al-Sudani went on to say. As His Excellency instructed the formation of a team linked to his office to follow up on the conversion of government buildings to provide electricity with solar energy systems, he also reviewed the Ministry of Electricity’s plans for implementing renewable energy projects.”

“Draw out its vision for gas projects, specifically with regard to the transportation sector,” Al-Sudani instructed the Ministry of Oil. Additionally, he mentioned a number of measures that will be taken to punish those responsible for the waste of public funds in some Ministry of Oil projects.