Al-Sudani: Iraq hopes to join the BRICS group

Al-Sudani: Iraq hopes to join the BRICS group

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani expressed Iraq’s readiness to join the BRICS group if invited by the founding countries.

During a dialogue session with representatives of the Iraqi community in Moscow, Al-Sudani stated that Iraq is willing to join the BRICS group if it receives an invitation from the founding countries, according to a statement made to the Russia Today channel.

Al-Sudani stated that Iraq knows the conditions and specifications required to join the group.

During their meeting, Al-Sudani and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed using the Iraqi dinar and Russian ruble in commercial transactions between the two countries.

He expressed gratitude for Russia’s principled stance on Palestine and extensively discussed the matter with Putin out of concern for civilians.

Al-Sudani has announced that Iraq is considering establishing an Iraqi cultural center in Moscow, Russia. This initiative is based on the strong historical ties between the two nations, which will reach their eightieth anniversary next year since the inception of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Baghdad.