Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-7-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-7-24

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight  – It is Thursday March 7th  and you’re listening to the big call – thanks for tuning in yet again, on a Tuesday or a Thursday night, this is Thursday. So we’re glad you’re here. And we’re glad that we’re getting the call out via the Sat team to the Starlink satellite system to piggyback and get it out to the world. But thank you for that. Appreciate it. Before we go to a teaching that Sue has prepared for us tonight, which is very exciting let’s go ahead and pray the call in

So let’s do this since it’s time for Intel – Let’s recap a little bit, but not too long – I’m not going to go long  – it’s short if not really, okay, we heard this morning, one of our sources called from Iraq. One of our Iraqi sources called –  and I got this information about noon or so my time that Iraq was said that they were going to try to get this out to us. – meaning  get the RV out over the weekend,

They were going to do their best to push this out and get this out. Now  –  What’s interesting about that was we had heard yesterday that if we did not get an email that gave us the green light, that email would have come from Treasury to Wells Fargo, corporate York and then down the redemption centers.

And if they if they looking for that happen yesterday, between 10 and 11 in the morning, I think we got an email later than that about 3:30 in the afternoon that was talking about you know, if they get the email that they’re looking for from corporate that we would be getting started. Well, we didn’t get it yesterday. We did not get it today.

But we did get information from the two sources that are totally unrelated. That said that we would be or the hearing was the scenario that you know the State of the Union address is on now. It started approximately 9pm. eastern standard time tonight – And one hour after the start of that speech  -everything would be released and that would include bond holders – That would include all of tier three, admiral’s group – and us –

We would get the funds moved into the accounts that we needed to be and everything would be released – is how it was put  – Everything would be released an hour after the start.

So that would be approximately “Now” –  around 10 o’clock Eastern. So —  that’s  a really good thing and we don’t know exactly – when our notifications  would come – They could come over night –  they might come tomorrow morning.  I don’t know when they’re gonna come we haven’t been able to ascertain that – everybody’s pretty quiet.

A lot of people are under NDA gag orders and so we’re just gonna let this one happen. But you know what is interesting about this International Women’s Day is on the Eighth of March. That’s tomorrow Friday the “8th”   Who else likes the number “8” . Oh, that’s right, China.

That’s right. I didn’t even realize it till I realized today was the seventh and what I heard, this thing would probably start around 10 o’clock tonight, which is one hour after this speech was to start tonight – and then we would get notified. I’m saying it could be overnight could be wake up tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, but we’re supposed to and then get started with appointments, setting our appointments and possibly exchanges tomorrow.

I would look for that – I think that is very possible and what we do know that rates are going up on the screens. we know that these currencies are being traded on forex, we know that everything’s pretty much running right along.

And we fully expect this to manifest over the weekend. So let’s see what the weekend really is. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, but we did hear that – what I just said – they’re supposed to initiate one hour after the start of the speech. so let’s call that approximately 10 o clock – Eastern Standard Time and let’s see how it comes in.

So that’s really what I want to say. . So thank you so much for thanks, everybody for listening tonight. I appreciate all of you – and we will be in touch with you through the email. If we do any additional calls or podcasts that will send you as a link with your email. That’s right now what I’m going to try to just believe that this is coming from, and bring it in, and then we’ll see. We’ll be in touch with you in a couple of weeks once  things are changes are done and we can just move forward. So let’s do this let’s pray the call out …….

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