Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-5-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-5-24

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Welcome, everybody the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, March 5th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody all around the globe. And one of your hosts is kind of getting it together. And the rest are ready to go. So, without further ado, welcome – thank you for tuning into the big call. We’re looking forward to starting the call like we do every call by opening up with prayer. And then we go to a teaching which Sue has created for us, which will be great for us all. And then we take off and go on to other topics on the call

All right. Anything else Bob last minute. Okay, Bob, thank you so much. Okay, we’re right on time, guys. Moving right on through. Let me tell you where we stand on our intel. We got some cool information today. And let me tell you what it is.

Well, let me just say this there was a mini sting operation last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

And I say that because bankers were told on a conference call last Wednesday that there were not to be any early exchanges. No early exchanges for certain all these banks. And I think some tried to jump the line.

And they were caught for doing that and they cleaned up. Basically, some of the banks that needed to be cleaned up at redemption centers and banks, and they took care of that.

Then they moved on to Okay, where do we stand now? As far as our start,

We got some information yesterday, well, actually, day before yesterday, which would have been what, Monday – no check that – Sunday, that we were looking to get the numbers to come out and get a green light from the Treasury. Either in an email this morning between 10 and 11 – Yesterday rather, yesterday, or between 10 and 11 today (Tuesday)

Well, we didn’t get green light yesterday. So we kind of wrote that off As far as a start date. And then today, We didn’t see an email between 10 and 11 – and we’re talking about to the redemption centers. Let me clarify that – redemption centers were looking to get that – And so what they ended up with was we did get an email, and about 20 to 3  (2:40) Eastern time this afternoon.

And that was indicating that we were within 24 hours within 24 hours of being notified and getting green light from Treasury to trigger our notifications and set our appointments. When we think they’ll come tomorrow. We should set our appointments. if it’s early enough if we get the 800 numbers early enough in the day we quite possibly could exchange tomorrow afternoon, evening.

If we get the notification later in the day, we could set appointments and begin an exchanges on Thursday.

So either way it’s a win, but we’re looking very, very good for this going tomorrow. That’s the information that I’m getting from and we had it confirmed from two separate unrelated redemption centers at the same information

Now – I feel really good about where we stand right now with that. We know that the dinar and the other currencies have been coming in on the forex and trading upward in the bank screens reflect that.

They reflect the fact that the currencies are trading up and still blinking –  on the screen, which means they’re not set. They’re not stable, but they’re continually moving upward in value. And they’re blinking.

So what I think is people say well, why isn’t ready to go They said it’s already They say we’re good to go. What are we waiting on? I think they’re just waiting for the currencies to hit the values that they want them to hit before we get started. And it would appear that they are moving in that direction .

So you know, you’re going to be rewarded for your patience you’ll be rewarded for using the redemption centers to redeem your Zim and exchange your currencies. And I believe that if the information holds true, we should get our notifications  tomorrow. So I’m excited about that.

And, you know, all I can say is that we waited a long time for this to manifest and hopefully we won’t be disappointed it will be rewarded for our patience tomorrow. So I’m excited about where we are, where we’re going with this. And I really think that we’re in really good shape right now.

Now let’s see what else I can say about this. Now, I know I probably had some other things I wanted to mention – but realistically, this is the main thing that we’re all interested in- is going

When it comes to R&R – restitution and reclamation allowance – That is supposed to kick in about a week after the USN – USTN  is released – and the latest dates we had on that were supposed to be between the 14th and 15th of March. That’s not  to far away and also understand that that is supposed to occur when the redemption centers are about to close – or are closing –  well for them to close they need to be open.

They need to be open not only exchanging our currencies but also redeeming our Zim – they are most concerned about the redemption of our zim in the redemption centers although we will do both. Obviously all currencies will be exchanged and all bonds will be exchanged, if you will or redeemed will be redeemed and our zim  will be redeemed. But they will move very quickly to set up appointments for all zim holders.

Now there’s one other piece that I think I should bring up about that I was just reminded of and that is if you let’s say the numbers were to come out tomorrow, and you set your appointment within four or five days of the numbers coming out then you would be able to exchange up to 20 t0 25 days later access things later.

 In other words, if people are in the hospital and need time to get healed and come out if they happen to be on a cruise, or on something where they’re just not able to come in – they’re out of the country, whatever it is not able to come in this week, let’s say – but if they are able to set her appointments, they could set their appointments for a day 20 or 25 days into the future.

All right, so that’s new today. I just got that today.

Most important thing though, is to with your toll free number, go ahead call the call center and be connected to if you’re Zim holder to the redemption center in your zip code that you indicate when you make your call. And basically you should be talking with someone redemption center that will quite possibly be helping you do your exchange in your Zim redemption, Whenever that appointment is set. So I know that redemption people are ready. We’re ready.

Banks are ready in the sense that they’re going to be doing currencies and not doing zin – at least not here in the US. Wells Fargo is the lead bank HSBC is the secondary bank because they’re handling everything globally. And then Chase would be in 3rd  position.

And why is Chase in number one position right now?  Because of the 11 banks that they have in Iraq. And because of the fact they’ll have 15 banks in Iraq by the end of this week.

So that’s pretty cool they’re in position, but obviously Wells  with the Zim will supersede them into the number one position and HSBC will take the number two position because of all the international exchanges that they will do and they will do them internationally.

And I believe Banco Santander Santander in Latin America will also be able to do zim in Central and South America and possibly Mexico as well. But I know that HSBC is also a large international bank that will be handling everything in their locations.

 So – I’ll say this Med Beds are just around the corner – they’re not far – we will let them know if we need a Med  Bed or in dire need of it –

We will let them know if we get better we are in dire need at the moment the redemption center when we make or when we go in for our for our appointment, and then they’ll be able to get that information entered on the computer and we will be looking good. We’re going in fairly shortly after our appointments maybe a week or so we should be able to start going into those appointments after we exchange. So that’s what I wanted to say with you guys tonight.

It could be that we get our  notifications  around lunchtime tomorrow – Around noon little after. we’ll see what happens that’s kinda what is anticipated based on emails,  – maybe the emails come in to the redemption centers tomorrow between 10 & 11 We should be in good shape to get notified around lunchtime. Alright, and we’ll take it from there.  And let’s just look forward to this.

I’m ready for it as all of you are. And let’s just look forward to a real beautiful thing happening here for us.This is going to be an incredible blessing. Alright, so I’m not going to go in anything else right now, let’s just move it, and let’s just go ahead and pray to call out,

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