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Credit Crisis Is Now Worse As 50 Million Americans Stop Paying Creditors!

Atlantis Report:  4-20-2024

The United States is facing an unprecedented financial crisis. As many as 50 million Americans have stopped paying their creditors, causing a massive disruption in the country’s credit system.

This development has sent shockwaves throughout the economy, with lenders trying to minimize the damage while consumers struggle to manage their increasing debts.

 The American economy has faced many challenges recently, but none are as dangerous and pervasive as the credit crisis.

 With over 50 million Americans ceasing payments to creditors, the situation has escalated beyond warning signs to a full-blown economic emergency.

This is why people are falling behind on payments, and now the consequences of increased consumer debt begins.

The Banks Are Insolvent! – You NEED Gold & Silver (W/ Lynette Zang)

Smart Silver Stackers

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Lynette Zang. We cover the looming banking crisis, inflation, gold, silver & more!

Gold Owners Will Dominate In New Monetary System | Clive Thompson

Liberty and Finance:  4-20-2024

“Governments around the world are getting more worried about holding Treasuries,” says Clive Thompson, retired managing director of wealth management formerly working in Swiss private banking.

In the event of a Dollar crisis, “those who have the gold will still be calling the shots.” He expects the Dollar as we know it to disappear and be replaced with a Central Bank Digital currency system. Paper Dollars will no longer be spendable at some point, Clive says.


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