Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 4-21-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 4-21-24
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Hong Kong Digital Banking Announcement:

Hong Kong is offering new guidance on their TM Systems Technology currently in development.

TM System’s “goal is to become global leaders in security consulting services and location-based analytics along with software development.”

This new technology will help them with their new in-house Derivatives Platform. It will run on the Orion Derivatives Platform. And, it has enhanced trading and clearing capabilities that will enable them to run almost 24 hours a day.

Hong Kong already has their own electronic security system, and this new system is currently in process of being developed for added security protection going forward on their derivatives platform.  Mayer Brown   Finance Feeds   Linkedin   Trade Easy

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 “Putin Orders Developing Grain Exchange Mechanism between BRICS Countries”

This new “Grain Exchange Mechanism” involves the BRICS group being encouraged to buy from local producers directly.

This proposal is being submitted to The BRICS summit in October. Russia has already shared with us last week that they are evolving into a Gold Standard economy in the country.

This collective shift in trade mechanisms has the capacity to transition the Global Trading Economy as the BRICS system grows.

It has ripple effects on how the Federal Reserve’s suppression of gold will play out in the releasing of caps on gold in order to be competitive in Global Trading.

This move by Russia has the power to challenge the dollar under a Gold Standard regimen.

A revaluation in the gold price will profoundly affect our new tokenized assets that are backed by gold including our Stablecoins that are backed by gold.  See News   Youtube

“All roads lead to gold, and “digital gold” will set us free.


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Yesterday, the Deutsche Bundesbank announced plans to work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Digital Currency Initiative (MIT DCI) to explore privacy and security solutions for central bank digital currency  (CBDC).|   Ledger Insights


On 3 March 2024, the EU co-legislators adopted Regulation (EU) 2024/886 on instant credit transfers in euro, often called the ‘Instant Payments Regulation’ (IPR). 

The IPR was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 19 March 2024 and entered into force twenty 20 days thereafter (i.e. on 8 April 2024) the text is available here ( 

Of course, it doesn’t mean that payment service providers (PSPs) will have to comply with all IPR rules right away, but instead, the IPR goes together with a number of key implementation deadlines.   TwoBirds


Canada’s Real-Time Rail program resumes with renewed momentum | Payments


“Project FuSSE (Fully Scalable Settlement Engine, pronounced as fyooz) is a BIS Innovation Hub project that aims to modernize financial market infrastructures for the demands of the digital age. In the face of a rapidly digitizing economy, the traditional systems face myriad challenges. FuSSE offers an open-source solution designed to meet these evolving demands head-on.

Project FuSSE marks the first collaboration between the BIS and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), following an agreement signed by the two institutions in September 2023. The presentation of FuSSE’s progress and the official start of technical cooperation between both entities took place in Washington, D.C., in an event attended by the BIS general manager, Agustín Carstens, the president of the IDB, Ilan Goldfajn, and the governors of central banks from Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay.”  BIS


What the Iraqi PM Told Iraqi People Living in the US on Thursday | Youtube

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