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Bank Of America Warns Of Trigger Being Pulled On The Next Financial Crisis

Atlantis Report:  12-20-2023

Bank of America has issued a dire warning about the impending trigger for the next financial crisis. All over the world, drastic events are happening which could have dire effects on the world economy.

In the realm of global finance, a chilling prediction by Bank of America has sent shockwaves through the investor community. Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan has shared an interesting perspective on the current state of the economy.

While acknowledging a slowdown, Moynihan remains optimistic about the overall outlook. However, the turmoil in the economy challenges this optimism, pointing to tightening lending standards and the historical relationship between credit creation and economic downturns.

Most U.S. investors tend to believe that low inflation is a significant boost for global equities, particularly U.S. equities. Contrary to this belief, as inflation dwindles, it becomes evident that this is not favorable news for stocks.

The diminishing inflation signifies a decline in demand, subsequently impacting corporate revenues, earnings, and profits. As we are about to witness, this downturn in fundamentals invariably leads to a downturn in stock values.

Shocking 25% SURGE In U.S. Bankruptcy Filings Shows The Economy Is At A Breaking Point

Lena Petrova:  12-21-2023

Mastering Financial Security: Navigating Bank Closures, and Precious Metals Allocation

Lynette Zang : 12-20-2023

Join Eric Griffin, president of ITM Trading, and Lynnette Zang, chief market analyst, in this insightful Wednesday Q&A session.

They address viewer questions on keeping money in banks, concerns about bank closures, and the safest ways to store and protect precious metals. Learn about the recommended percentage of wealth in precious metals, insights on buying gold and silver in the current economic landscape, and strategies for safeguarding your wealth.

Gain valuable knowledge to navigate the uncertainties ahead!


0:00 I do not want to keep my money in the bank because I worry about bank closures. If I don’t want to keep our money in the banks, how do I pay my bills, write checks, etc.?

2:02 During the balance, all my paycheck will be going to the bank. I’m afraid that my money night might not be able to be withdrawn for paying monthly bills. Should I be worrying about this?

5:35 What are the safest ways to store and protect precious metals?

9:15 My son is concerned about using his savings to buy gold, citing the spread involved in buying and selling. He’s convinced he will lose more than if he leaves it in a money market. Can you explain with an example why this shouldn’t be a concern?

15:24 I see on your disclaimer before your videos that ITM recommends 5 to 20% of your wealth in precious metals, and my current position is around 55%. But with the current economic landscape, I don’t see use for saving cash. Do you feel that buying more gold and silver is a good choice? Even if I go over the recommended percentage?