Goldilocks Comments and Global Economic News Friday Evening 3-8-24


Goldilocks Comments and Global Economic News Friday Evening 3-8-24

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Is XRP primed to become the world’s next reserve trading currency? That question remains to be seen as new partnerships are forming around the world.

Ripple does act as a liquidity coin between Nation’s Central Banks, and it does have the potential to replace the Swift System as the new preferred Central Bank digital exchange processing system.

“Ripple has a product called On-Demand Liquidity that allows financial institutions to instead settle transactions instantly with the XRP cryptocurrency. On-Demand Liquidity works by allowing financial institutions to convert fiat to XRP and convert XRP coins into the destination currency using local crypto exchanges.”

All of this is taking place at a time when Protocol 20 is currently moving into Phase 2 of the Stellar Network utilizing Soroban contracts.

Here, our new tokenized asset markets are beginning to form alliances between traditional assets and new global payment systems. The merging of these new digital economic worlds is forming the basis of our new economy.

These moves are coming at a time when crypto clarity, Treasury Market resiliency through gold (Basel 3) supporting each sector of the markets, and movement towards T+1 and soon to be instant settlements have recently been given the green light for regulations through the legislative to move forward.

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Financial News London


Reps mull law to regulate cryptocurrency, digital assets transactions  | TheCable


To comply with DMA, WhatsApp and Messenger will become interoperable via Signal protocol |TechCrunch


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Ethena Labs’ stablecoin has pocketed $4 million for its treasury with high yields derived from ether-future funding rates and staking ether to a validator.

The project has seen early success with a controversial concept, increasing its treasury to over $16 million and becoming the third-largest revenue generator in the crypto market. CoinDesk


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