Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Afternoon 6-10-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Afternoon 6-10-24

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“Core Banking Systems Market Now Well-Established, Cloud Infrastucture to Drive Innovation – Report” | Crowdfund Insider

Cloud banking infrastructure allows financial institutions to deliver banking services and operations through the internet on-demand. 

On Demand Banking allows you to deposit to and withdraw funds immediately and whenever you want.

This electronic digital banking model provides access to computing resources like servers, data storage, and applications.

The top five vendors in 2024 for this new digital banking service include:

* Temenos
* Mambu
* Finastra
* Tata Consultancy Services

As we have previously noted, the Iraqi digital banking services are now live on Temenos.

A core banking system is like a nervous system is to the body. It transmits electrical signals to the various components of a banking system allowing it to operate seamlessly.

core banking system is a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records. Crowdfund Insider

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Foreign Exchange | Five Degrees

The Core Banking System is the foundation of our Global Financial Markets.

It enables seamless currency exchanges, and it is the part of the banking system that coordinates risk management tools and digital networks to move virtual assets through the new QFS system on a Global scale.

Cross-border international trading is made possible through this new digital banking system mechanism. It will allow foreign currency exchanges to move through the system.

The beauty of this new digital banking system that is the nuts and bolts of all transactions done in a bank lies in the fact that it is done.

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China’s New Investment Play: Shifting Away from US Treasuries to Global Opportunities” | MSN

“China has diversified its holdings by selling $53.3 billion worth of US Treasuries and agency bonds. This adjustment aligns with BRICS nations gradually broadening their investment portfolios since 2022.”

China is moving away from buying US Treasuries to Global opportunities that will expand the Chinese Yuan and the BRICS Nations coalition.

This is all part of leveling the playing field from a World Reserve Currency to payments transacted in local currencies.

This shift will increase the demand for their own currency and make available higher exchange rates with China and whoever they trade with going forward.

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As US Treasury bonds are being sold around the world, we have a growing interest in Stablecoin use case scenarios designed to minimize the risk factors of a falling monetary system as it embraces a new digital asset-based trading system.

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👆 Soft landing potential for the dollar…


What is Core Banking System | Youtube


Dodd-Frank Final Rule Announcement |  Dodd-Frank Update

In a move to help accelerate a shift to open banking in the U.S., the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalized a rule outlining the qualifications an organization must demonstrate to be recognized as an industry standard-setting body to develop technical standards for protecting consumer data rights.


Managing Risk With Trade Compliance In Global Supply Chains – Global Trade Magazine


Leaving the US dollar behind, embracing digital currency | The Jerusalem Post 


📰  So … all kinds of activity out there … in other news …  Link

🔘Italy  🇮🇹
🔘Austria  🇦🇹
🔘European Parliament 🏰
🔘France  🇫🇷
🔘Belgium  🇧🇪
🔘Spain  🇪🇸
🔘Israel  🇮🇱
🔘Germany  🇩🇪

Italy – exit polls show right-wing party is set to win most seats
Austria – Right-Wing surge; Freedom Party takes the lead in recent election, narrowly outpacing the Conservative People’s Party
European Parliament – Marine Le Pen’s party is on target to become the largest single party in the parliament
France – French President Emmanuel Macron announced that he’s dissolving the National Assembly & calls for snap elections on June 30 & July 7
Belgium – The PM, Alexander De Croo, announced his resignation after the defeat of his party in the European elections. “Tomorrow I will resign as Prime Minister,” announced De Croo.
Spain – Spain’s center-right People’s Party (PP) came out on top in today’s European election, gaining 22 seats out of the 61 allocated to the country, and dealing a blow to the Socialist-led govt of Pedro Sanchez
Israel – 4 resignations in less than an hour: Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot, Avi Rosenfeld, Hili Tropper (all resigned). Israel is crumbling from within – Netanyahu wanted to avoid this by doing the massacre yesterday
Germany – far-right gain in election stunning defeat to Germany’s Scholz

Seems things are heating up & technically Summer hasn’t started yet
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EDIT: can’t forget Germany 🇩🇪


iTrustCapital | The #1 Crypto IRA Retirement Platform | iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital is a software platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and precious metals through tax-advantaged retirement accounts. It’s considered a leading digital asset IRA software platform and offers a selection of over 25 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. iTrustCapital also offers gold and silver. 


XRP Ledger Ready to Adopt Tokenized Gold, Silver in Q3, 2024 | U Today


ECB In Focus Webinar with Stuart J. Russell – AI: Concepts, Trends, and Coexistence | Youtube


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