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Ariel:  Iraq Goes Live with Temenos Core Banking and Payments

Iraq has gone live also in conjunction with the US. The National Bank of Iraq has gone live with Temenos core banking and payments, aiming to develop new products faster and optimize the customer experience. 

Following this announcement, the National Bank of Iraq (NBI), which is a part of the Capital Bank Group, has successfully launched Temenos core banking and payments.

This integration will focus on meeting the needs, preferences, and demands of customers in an ever-evolving market, while also prioritizing the process of remaining compliant with the regulatory requirements and laws of the local industry.

Darin Eardly   , Temenos. It is all connected QFS, stopping the clowns in our government from laundering money, demanding real representation not the one-way street all for them. Thanks for the information. 

T+1 settlement about to be T+0, stablecoins Mica all together.


Prayer Barn   Looks like Iraq will be one the 1st with a secure banking system shutting down money laundering. That’s fantastic news. I’m sure it will quickly spread and other nations will follow.


Joshua :  It’s happening~


Gianna    Iraq is owning the world.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Fnu Lnu  Much has been made of the number 90 Trillion. This is the alleged number of Dinar at large…I do not believe this number is valid and here’s why.  1) There are always casualties such as fire & natural disasters. 2) We know there has been an effort, for years, to coax three zero notes out from under mattresses, with some success. 3) We know stolen Dinar have been recovered in very large amounts recently. 4) Here’s the biggie: I saw a video some years back, where a jet was seized attempting to leave the country, and it was stacked from floor to ceiling with coffin sized cases full of Dinar.   [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Fnu Lnu  It had to be trillions. Much to my surprise, the jet was eventually cleared to take off.  However, it was no surprise to hear the jet was registered to Nuri Al Maliki. The jet landed in Zurich Switzerland where it was then seized and the Dinar confiscated. Some may remember an article stating that Switzerland repatriated a large number of Dinar to Iraq but the article was scant on details. When one considers all these scenarios, it would seem that there is far less Dinar in circulation that 90 trillion. It may well be half that amount. IMHO.   [Post 2 of 2]


Greg Mannarino:  5-29-2024

BRICS Burst the US Dominance Bubble: What Next?

Fastepo:  5-28-2024

The West, particularly the United States, is increasingly concerned about the deepening partnership between China and Russia.

This evolving alliance could lead to significant changes in the global order, potentially undermining US and Western influence.

Such shifts carry numerous consequences, prompting Western nations to act strategically.

 The West’s dependencies on China for trade and Russia for energy make a complete decoupling challenging. Instead, Western nations are attempting to curb further collaboration between China and Russia while maintaining necessary interactions.

 This dual approach aims to balance limiting their strategic partnership without severing vital economic ties.

 In this video, we explore the extent of the China-Russia partnership and its implications for the West, analyzing how their cooperation might shape global dynamics and influence Western policies.