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The U.S. Dollar Is ‘Finished’  by Collin Plume

“The U.S. dollar is no longer viable as the global reserve currency,” analyst Richard X Bove told the New York Times, shortly after retiring from a distinguished 54-year tenure as a Wall Street analyst.

Bove, who envisions a future where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prevail following the decline of dollar dominance, anticipates that China will surpass the U.S. economy in strength.

According to Bove, the downfall of the dollar is inevitable as “those manufacturing goods abroad are increasingly gaining control over production means, thus asserting more influence over the global economy and, consequently, over monetary power.”

It is not a secret that China has been trying to establish a currency that may possibly be used by other BRICS Plus nations. Last year, member countries announced that they would trade using local currencies. However, speculations abound that China will be pushing either its own currency, the Yuan, or creating one. 

They have been buying gold like crazy for several years, along with other BRICS nations. That resulted in some speculation that they may be launching a gold-back currency.  

One thing is clear, though. They are making real moves to bypass the dollar. 

Just last week, the United Arab Emirates and China made a significant move in the global financial landscape by completing a cross-border transaction that strongly challenged the longstanding dominance of the dollar in Asia.

This landmark deal, facilitated by the mBridge platform, involved the transfer of $13.6 million between the two nations. This transaction represents more than just a financial exchange; it’s a digital bridge between continents, marking a significant step towards altering the role of their currencies within the international financial arena.

Bove, whose career spanned 17 brokerage firms and concluded at the New York investment bank Odeon Capital, has previously mentioned that a potential successor to the U.S. dollar could take various forms, including “paper, metal or digital impulses.”  

Prepare your finances

Admittedly, de-dollarization talk has been going around for a while and nothing has come to fruition. What makes this time different is the actual tangible development happening. 

Last year marked the lowest US dollar’s share dropped in global central bank reserves in 25 years. Saudi Arabia already agreed to accept other currencies for its oil and other oil-producing countries joined BRICS Plus, all of whom are now trading using their local currencies. 

Do not take this lightly.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Iraq has done the things they needed to do to be Article VIII compliant.  They’re going to  stop the dollar auctions.  They’re going to have freedom of capital movement…That’s going to create investor confidence.  And  that investor confidence is going to come from the investment law, freedom of capital movement.  

Fnu Lnu  International attorneys told me…there would be ten off premises exchange locations allocated by regional population throughout the Nation. I am assuming they are using the 10 United Nations Regions, roughly the same as Federal Regions…I was told…there would be an exchange facility in the most heavily populated city in that region.  For instance, Region ten encompasses Washington State and Seattle would be the location for that region…Also, by Off Premises, I mean locations that were NOT inside banks but usually nearby to a participating bank…These are what the unlearned are calling Redemption Centers.

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