TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Monday 2-12-2024


Tishwash:  Iraqi ports participate in the Breakbulk Middle East 2024 exhibition in Dubai

The General Company for Iraqi Ports is participating in the (Break Bulk) Middle East 2024 exhibition, in Dubai, which continues until tomorrow, Tuesday.

The General Company for Ports stated in a statement: “The participation came with the aim of opening up to international companies, presenting investment opportunities in the Iraqi shipping sector, as well as introducing the large port of Al-Faw, and searching for competent international operators to cooperate in the field of shipping and unloading.”

She added: “The Breakbulk Middle East Exhibition is one of the most important occasions that brings together decision-makers and businessmen in the shipping and logistics services sector. It is a unique opportunity to communicate with major parties in the Middle East, East Asia and Africa and build cooperative relationships that support business growth.”

.She pointed out: “The exhibition will include discussion sessions and studies presented by the most prominent experts and regional and international companies in this sector.”  link

CandyKisses:  With the participation of 180 local and international companies. Launch of the “Energy of Iraq Nine” exhibition

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Today, Monday (February 12, 2024), the activities of the Ninth Iraq Energy International Exhibition and Conference were launched on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 180 local and international companies.

The media of the Ministry of Electricity said in a statement received by “Baghdad Today” that “in the presence of a high official, the activities of the ninth Iraq International Energy Exhibition and Conference were launched today on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair, under the patronage of His Excellency Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, and under the supervision of His Excellency Minister of Electricity Ziad Ali Fadel.”

He explained that “more than 180 local and international companies specialized in energy affairs are participating in the exhibition, which will continue for the period from (12-14 / February / 2024).

He pointed out that “the Minister of Electricity, Ziad Ali Fadel, welcomed the companies participating in the exhibition in its ninth edition, and valued the efforts of those in charge of it,” stressing “the Iraqi government’s endeavor to build sustainable and reliable energy systems that take into account appropriate environmental standards.”

According to the statement, the Minister of Electricity “presented a presentation of the Ministry’s plans and projects within the government curriculum to raise the rates of electrical energy production by adding new production units, the efficiency of gas generating stations by switching from simple cycle to combined cycle, as well as improving the efficiency of the performance of gas stations by adding cooling systems, rehabilitation and long-term maintenance, as well as introducing renewable energy into the energy mix produced.”

Fadel revealed “the Ministry’s upcoming projects, the most important of which are the smart transformation in the electrical system, the application of smart networks and meters, and electronic payment systems for electricity use bills,” noting that “the Ministry succeeded in achieving the highest production of electrical energy in its history during last summer, reaching (26,050) megawatts, and our technical teams are making great efforts to increase production during the next summer in the event that the stability of the required fuel supply is achieved.”

The minister expressed his “optimism in completing the ministry’s plans with the support and patronage of the Prime Minister, the rest of the ministries and cooperation with the national and foreign private sector.”


Tishwash:  For fear of sanctions”.. Iraq wants the Americans to leave “calmly”, and the Sudanese is eager to authorize the blocs and factions

 Member of the House of Representatives, Ali Al-Lami, said today, Monday (February 12, 2024), that a comprehensive war is far from Iraq’s atmosphere at the present time, while indicating that containing the situation must include a consensus between the political blocs and the resistance factions to remove foreign forces.

Al-Lami explained to “Baghdad Today” that “the attacks launched by the armed factions on American targets in Iraq will not lead to a comprehensive war according to our vision, despite the presence of a reaction from time to time,” pointing out that “the events in Gaza have direct repercussions on the general situation, and the examples are not many.” In our country and other regions.”

He added, “Our view of containing the situation includes a main point, which is the agreement of the political blocs and resistance factions in handing over the file of removing foreign forces, including American forces, to Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani and authorizing him to proceed with implementing the agreement according to calm principles that preserve Iraq’s sovereignty without any escalation.”

Al-Lami pointed out that “the Sudanese has the ability to manage negotiations and succeed in ending tension, protecting the country’s sovereignty, and coming up with outcomes that serve Iraq and its prestige,” noting that “Washington has influence in Iraq and possesses many pressure cards, including economic ones, which it may resort to if its interests are directly targeted.” This is what we must pay attention to and strive to remove its forces according to paths through the government.”

Yesterday, Sunday (February 11, 2024), the spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, revealed that the Supreme Iraqi Military Committee had resumed its meetings with the international coalition forces.

Rasoul said in a statement received by “Baghdad Today”, “The Iraqi Supreme Military Committee resumed its meetings with the international coalition forces in Baghdad today, Sunday, to assess the military situation, the level of danger, the operational environment, and the capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces.”

He stated, “Based on these meetings, a timetable will be formulated for a deliberate and gradual reduction, leading to the end of the mission of the international coalition forces to fight ISIS and the transition to a bilateral relationship.”

Rasoul noted that “as long as nothing disturbs the peace of the talks, the meetings will occur periodically to complete the committee’s work as quickly as possible.”

A source familiar with the Iraqi-American military negotiations reported earlier on Sunday to “Baghdad Today” that 3 committees had been formed between Baghdad and Washington to complete the withdrawal of the coalition from Iraq during the round of negotiations held today between the two countries.

The source said, “The second round of negotiations between Baghdad and Washington regarding the withdrawal of the international coalition from Iraq ended this evening, after agreeing to continue meetings between Baghdad and Washington during the next two weeks link