Fire at Rumaila gas station causes power outage in Basrah

Fire at Rumaila gas station causes power outage in Basrah

Sunday’s power outage was caused by a fire at the Rumaila North Gas Station in Basrah, southern Iraq.

A local source claims that high temperatures were the cause of the fire, which resulted from a transformer malfunction. The blackout impacted the Ds2 station, which is as of now being controlled by a reinforcement generator.

The source said that professionals are attempting to fix the harmed transformer and reestablish capacity to the station straightaway.

Iraq has a lot of oil, but its old power grid still can’t keep up with peak demand during hot summers, so many people don’t have electricity as the temperature rises.

In light of the country’s frequent power outages during the summer, many households, if they can afford it, subscribe to neighborhood generators for emergency supplies.

In Iraq, unreliable power supplies have frequently sparked protests, the most recent occurring earlier this month.

The government has been expanding its electricity generation capacity in addition to importing electricity from neighboring nations like Iran. However, ministry figures indicate that it still lacks the capacity to meet the country’s estimated daily demand of 32,000 megawatts.

The largest foreign investment in Iraq’s history was a $27 billion agreement with TotalEnergies of France to use natural gas to generate electricity.

Numerous people believe that the agreement will assist in resolving the nation’s long-standing energy issues, attracting investors from abroad, and decreasing its reliance on imports.