Iraq hails Armenia’s recognition of Palestine

Iraq hails Armenia’s recognition of Palestine

The Iraqi Service of International concerns hailed on Friday Armenia’s acknowledgment of the Territory of Palestine.

The Iraqi Unfamiliar Service referenced in an explanation that in spite of the fact that it lauds this significant stage, it likewise underscores the need of reestablishing the Palestinian right to lay out its free state with Jerusalem as its capital, the Iraqi News Organization (INA) revealed.

Also, Iraq’s Unfamiliar Service encouraged the worldwide local area to acknowledge lawful obligation and execute significant global choices to safeguard the Palestinian public’s on the whole correct to self-assurance and recognize their genuine public yearnings.

Armenia’s action follows similar decisions to recognize the Palestinian statehood made by Slovenia, Norway, Spain, and Ireland.

140 nations, or more than two-thirds of all UN members, have acknowledged Palestine as a state at this point.

On Friday, the Palestinian authority applauded Armenia’s choice. By a vote of more than two-thirds, the UN General Assembly approved a draft resolution supporting Palestine’s membership in the UN last month.