Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday Afternoon 6-8-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Saturday Afternoon 6-8-24

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Stablecoin News:

“Three Stablecoin startups are announcing funding rounds: Mountain ProtocolM^0 and Tether-backed XREX. Additionally, Paxos announced a yield earning stablecoin in Dubai, and Franklin Templeton said it would allow investors to use USDC to buy its tokenized money market fund FOBXX.”

It looks like more asset managers are beginning to issue more Stablecoins. The momentum in Stablecoin production and soon to be used is an indication of where we are in the process of implementing this QFS.

There would be no reason to manufacture digital currencies that pay for tokenized assets unless there was a reason to do so. As we edge closer to the end of this month and laws go into play to govern our new QFS, “liquidity” is being built for its implementation.

As stated many times in this room, Stablecoins represent a country’s currency. The use of these banking coins will create demand and price pressures. This will help to redirect our currencies’ current path and send them into a more positive direction.

Going forward, Stablecoins are backed by some form of a commodity. This will give our currencies a real value and enable a deflationary effect on our Global economies. This move will reset Global currencies and put them into a positive direction over time.  Ledger Insights    The Motley Fool

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Bitcoin Scarcity Grows as Miner and Exchange Reserves Drop by 183,253 BTC Since January  – Bitcoin News

Over the past 158 days, starting from the beginning of the year, the quantity of bitcoin held by exchanges and miners has decreased by 183,253 BTC, valued at nearly $13 billion. Roughly 90.95% of this bitcoin withdrawal originated from cryptocurrency exchange reserves.

From Jan. 1 to June 7, 2024, a substantial amount of bitcoin (BTC) has exited the reserves of bitcoin miners and exchanges. Although less than 10% of the total originated from BTC miners, their combined holdings are steadily decreasing.

This continuous depletion of bitcoin from exchanges and miners not only underscores a trend toward greater individual holding but also amplifies bitcoin’s inherent value through increased scarcity. 


Meld Gold and Ripple are partnering to bring Real World Assets (RWAs) to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) platform. This partnership will bring in institutional grade functionality along with secure and efficient protocols.

This is done through leveraging the Algorand Standard Asset Core functionality. In essence, Meld will tokenize digital gold in the form of a Meld Digital Gold Certificate. Each token will be equal the value of 1 gram of physical gold.

The implementation of this new digital asset (Meld Gold) is just around the corner. Fungible gold and silver assets on XRPL will begin in Q3.  Yes, July.

Through the use of the new digital economy, gold standard protocols uniting real world assets backed by gold and gold payment tokens are about to usher in a new Financial System.

Medium    Algorand Technologies    Algorand Developer

Gold will set us free!

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A multipolar economy is needed to reduce the risk of global economic instability caused by problems in large economies, Dilma Rousseff, a former president of Brazil and the current president of the New BRICS Development Bank (NDB), said Thursday. | Anadolu Agency


Sturdy central bank gold buying since 2009 and a rising gold price has grown the precious metal’s share of global international reserves to the detriment of fiat currencies. By the end of 2023 gold surpassed the euro and the next fiat currency to be challenged is the US dollar. | ZeroHedge

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New Texas-based stock exchange looks to take on Nasdaq, NYSE | CBS News Texas

“TXSE will be a “fully electronic national securities exchange” that seeks to expand access to U.S. capital markets “for all investors while providing greater access and alignment for public companies and those seeking access to public capital,” according to the press release.”


Bretton Woods meeting 2024 | Twitter

“Where we go with our money isn’t being led by central banks, its led by society.  It’s our mandate to provide for the needs of the population.
We need to replace our plastics and metals for bits and bites, and we can do that in many different ways.
The physical economy is going down, and the digital economy is going up”


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Gold is in an intermediate degree profit-taking event | Youtube


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