Housing loan launched among 6 thousand applicants

Housing loan launched among 6 thousand applicants

The Service of Development, Lodging and Public Regions is getting ready to send off a lodging credit of 60 million dinars, among in excess of 6,000 candidates, subsequent to getting monetary designations adding up to 750 billion dinars.

“The ministry agreed to accept all loan transactions for applicants for the housing loan of 60 million, which will be disbursed in installments according to the progress of work on the housing unit,” the ministry’s spokesman, Nabil Al-Saffar, told the official newspaper.

He emphasized that his ministry has secured 750 billion dinars, which will be distributed in accordance with the Housing Fund Law’s controls and instructions. This law guarantees that every citizen can apply for a loan as long as he owns a plot of land with a minimum area of 100 meters, a border map, and a recent property deed.

Al-Saffar emphasized that his ministry confirmed that applicants retain their right according to the points of preference and priority in submitting, based on the principle of transparency, noting that the Housing Fund received 17 thousand transactions, 11 thousand of which were completed until last March. Al-Saffar also noted that funds will be disbursed for approximately six thousand loan transactions over the coming short period.