News, Rumors and Opinions Sat. AM 5-18-2024


Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 18 May 2024

Compiled Sat. 18 May 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Fri. 17 May Banker: “Word is to stay alert tonight into tomorrow. God only knows for sure.”

Thurs. 16 May Bruce: On Wed. 15 May one of the top people at Wells Fargo Bank said, “It looked good for a Shotgun Start in the next two days.” We may get the R&R (Restitution Allowances) beginning on the 4th Wed. of May, or by the end of May.

Fri. 17 May 2024 Wolverine: “Very silent today, not one ounce of intel, but what I did receive last night from a friend who has contacts in Brazil, a person who is very polished and professional person (speaks four languages fluently.

He said he was waiting for his group who were waiting at the bank for long hours. I got back to him later, nighttime my time, and morning for him, and he said he had no new updates. Then hours later, he came back with an audio, and he gave me 1000 percent confirmation that those people got their blessings.

Most people in Brazil are not hearing anything, they are saying no liquidity from anywhere. In my own thoughts, I think it is happening behind the scenes.

As I said before, they are paying sporadically and they sign NDAs, and will not say anything. I think that is what is happening, this person is a good friend of mine, who tells the truth.

They put the audio on the dragon family group, but I did not translate it, and they actually picked someone who spoke Spanish, and they translate it. That was the best way to go as I did not want the translation to come from me, that it came from another person.

Tomorrow, they tell me we should be getting news. Hopefully, we will get better news. The audio really hit me yesterday, as it was a 1000% confirmation, and it will continue on to two other cities in Brazil on Monday.

 I did send it to someone else in Brazil who were very emotional hearing it hoped it was true. Not much that I can tell you. I have been told that Iraq (sick of Iraq ) on Sunday, they should be able to put the rate on Forex. We will see if it true or not.

Notifications were to come last night, that is what I was told, again, no notifications. Very stressful for all of us. Notifications is our announcement and then I can release the opera for you.

This is my personal opinion – there might not be an announcement. Now a certain person said that statement was true. BUT, it was MY Opinion (saying there might not be an announcement). I think we may get paid sporadically, and lots going on behind the scenes.

 I have heard of people getting paid, and I do not know those people, but I do know the person in the audio. It might be that people get paid, they sign their NDA and they stay quiet.

Good for our safety in IMO. I think that is the way it is going to be, and a lot of bond holders agree that it might be the way to go, quietly.

A lot silence and not much noise coming out. We will see what happens. I am sure we will get some good news. Some people say it may happen till end of May, or the fifth of June, I will not debate this, as I do not know …we will see what happens .

Let us see what happen later. I heard from contact in Reno that things should develop on the weekend BUT no confirmation on that, but that is what he said. So we wait and see, I am tired of this, it has been very difficult, never thought I would do this for so long.

 God bless you, let’s hope and pray that later we will get the news we are all waiting on. Take Care, Wolverine.”

Global Financial Crisis:

President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari, admits that CBDCs don’t solve any actual problems other than enabling central bankers to monitor all transactions and deduct taxes directly from people’s accounts. “I keep asking anybody, at the Fed or outside of the Fed, to explain to me what problem this is solving… I can see why China would do it. If they want to monitor every one of your transactions, you could do that with a central bank digital currency. If you want to directly tax customer accounts, you could do that with a central bank digital currency. So I get why China would be interested. Why would the American people be for that?”

Fri. 17 May 2024 Banks, US Stock Market About To Be Devastated By Black Swan Event:

Fri. 17 May 2024: IMF Confirms US Dollar Is in Jeopardy

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Article:  “The Finance Committee ‘knows nothing’ about the budget tables”  Al-Sudani has been holding his cards so ever close to the chest. The looks of it now is that he will not expose the 2024 schedule data until after there is an exchange rate change that will reduce the deficit.  Will that be after the vote for the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the HoR and or before extraordinary session for Sunday by the Prime Minister of Iraq, Al-Sudani.. Time will tell. But, since the CoM nor the HoR have yet to receive the 2024 Budget schedules we can deduce, it is going to be a very tight window for events to occur.

Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY: Television says the speaker of the house will be voted on and will go through on Saturday and then the meeting of the emergency session for the review of the budget with the COM will be Sunday…Then the budget goes to the House the middle of the week.  FRANK:   They know what’s going on.

URGENT NEWS: Emergency Meeting on Iraq 2024 BudgetRate in Budget

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URGENT NEWS: Emergency Meeting on Iraq 2024 Budget What the 2024 Budget Says About the IQD Rate.

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