Sparkle Expands its Int’l Network to Iraq

Sparkle Expands its Int'l Network to Iraq

In collaboration with Iraqi international supplier of connectivity and ICT solutions Novel Point, Italian connectivity services provider Sparkle has announced the inauguration of a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Erbil, extending its network footprint throughout the country.

As stated in a news release:

“The PoP in Erbil uses Sparkle’s Tier 1 global IP backbone Seabone (AS6762) and Novel Point’s state-of-the-art open data center to provide the Iraqi market and surrounding nations with excellent Internet connection services.

Network providers, ISPs, OTTs, content and application providers, and businesses may all profit from dependable, low latency IP Transit services in scalable multiples ranging from 10 GB to 100 GB by connecting to Sparkle’s PoP in Erbil. Customers can also take advantage of Sparkle’s extensive IP portfolio, which includes Virtual NAP, which offers virtual access to popular Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) without requiring the development of proprietary infrastructure, and DDoS Protection, which gives users the choice to defend their networks from attacks.”

International development of fiber-optic fixed-line network infrastructure is undertaken by Sparkle, a division of Telecom Italia (TIM).

In 2021, DIL Technology and Horizon Technology formed Novel Telecom as a joint venture to offer ICT solutions and international connection in Iraq.