“Coffee With MarkZ” Tuesday Morning Chat 7-9-2024


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MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good morning fellow RV’ers……sure hope there is some RV news today

Member: Been in this for almost 20 years…..starting to think we have been scammed….sigh

Member: If this is all a scam at least we are all gonna face it together

Member: I don’t think Sudani would be telling the people of Iraq they are about to have a rate back to its former glory….and then not do it. Over there the people would riot and politicians would face the noose for stuff like that.   I think it’s real. Just taking way to loooooooong.

Member: Mark- did you state yesterday that Iraq has a new rate- just not released yet?

MZ: That is what I was told.  I was told they have the rate….and they will activate it soon.

MZ: I do have reports that key pieces of the gold treaty being ratified and signed in Indonesia and the Phillipines. To me this is still a rumor and I am chasing down verifications of it.

MZ: This is one I want to double confirm-triple confirm that key pieces of the gold treaty were just signed. But I was told this is a breakthrough and movement and documentation were done…and we should see things very quickly now. .

Member:  I wonder Would Mr. C be connected to the gold treaty that was signed yesterday?

Member: Maybe it was to back our gold backed USN currency????

Member: I heard it has to start in the Phillipines.

Member: It is supposed to go EAST TO WEST when the RV happens

Member: I saw a video of some official looking documents being signed in Thailand

Member: Maybe it was a Chinese elder transferring money?

MZ: I don’t know. But it would not surprise me with what I am hearing that Chinese elders and parts of the families were in Thailand and the Phillipines over the last 24 hours or so signing things for the Gold Treaty. . This would not surprise me if that was accurate.

MZ: For the North American market- The Chinese families have a signatory based on the west coast that represents 7-9 of the Chinese families. So when it happens things should go quickly for the US. Not sure how things would work for the rest of the world. But, I always thought Europe would go with the US.

Member: And Canada too.

Member: Saw a video of (alleged) QFS papers being signed at a currency exchange: Hoping it is true and we are up next

Member: India recently moved 100 tons of gold from UK vaults to domestic vaults.

MZ: In WW2 Many countries sent gold to safer locations so the Nazi’s didn’t get it. Now countries are taking it back. Some countries have lost faith in the US and UK and now want it back. We are not seeing this is main stream news but it should be huge financial news everywhere …that countries want their gold back.

MZ: I do have 2 bond contacts that expect “spendable” money today. That is what the update said that they received yesterday. They believe they are still of track for today and the rest of this week.

Member: What would timing look like for us if those bond contacts get paid today?

MZ: My guess- maybe 3 days out?

MZ: Nothing new from Iraq for me this morning.

Member: I’m ready for an NDA

Member: Do you think NESARA has to be implemented so we don’t pay taxes on our currency so the Cabal doesn’t get any funding

Member: That makes sense.

Member: I believe NESARA starts after the gold is released. However, I believe some companies started early forgiving car loans, etc, because they know it’s coming

MZ: Here is my theory about that….i also believe Nesara starts after the gold is released. But, I think some companies may have already started because they want to see what the effect is. There are a number of reports of mortgages being forgiven…people have gotten titles in the mail . And reports about credit cards being paid off ect…..many lines of credit ect…being wiped off the books. I believe they are trying to better gage what the masses are going to do when this moves forward.

Member: what does HCL stands for and it’s significance in this RV process?

Member” Hydro Carbon Law….that supposedly gives every Iraq citizen a monthy payment from oil revenues….I think

Member: Can anyone give us a concise straight skinny on NDA’s and redemption centers? for those of us who are new

Member: We may have to sign a non-disclosure agreement when we exchange…..and there is supposedly an exchange center/redeeming bank within 50 miles of most Americans…unless they live in remote areas….

Member: I do not care if we have to drive further away to exchange- if they would just “DO IT”

Member: Anyone used to think being pregnant for 9 months was a long wait…..until they started the RV journey..lol

Member:  World Day for international justice is July 17 this year.

The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire

Member: Mark…just wanted to thank you for all you do for us…so appreciate you.

Afterwards we talk with Dr. Randi Shannon and StacieZ about health coverage.Please listen to the replay for their information


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