Economist’s “News and Views” Sunday 3-3-2024


Russia Protects Oil Revenues, Putin Peace Deal Revealed, G7 BANS Russian Diamonds

Sean foo:  3-3-2024

To address the G7 price caps, Russia has struck back by imposing a price floor on their oil exports. Here’s why this is significant, especially in protecting government revenues.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has revealed Putin’s 2022 peace deal in Istanbul and the G7 ban on Russian diamonds is now official.

Here’s what you must know.

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 Putin Peace Terms Revealed

 3:25 Russian Economy UPDATE

6:30 Russia Sets Oil Price Floor

 9:25 G7 Diamond Ban

11:55 Diamond Inflation Coming

BE PREPARED: $1.13 TRILLION in Consumer Credit Card Debt Hits Record High as Delinquencies SURGE

Lena Petrova:  3-3-2024

The Fed’s Plan For 2024 Is Not What You Think

Atlantis Report:  3-3-2024

As inflationary pressures persist and economic indicators fluctuate, the Fed’s anticipated interest rate cuts have encountered unexpected delays, prompting a reassessment of monetary policy trajectories. In March of 2020, the Federal Reserve embarked on a strategy of quantitative easing, bolstering its balance sheet by purchasing significant amounts of Treasury debt and mortgage-linked securities.

This approach, aimed at stimulating the economy, saw the Fed gradually reduce its balance sheet through quantitative tightening starting in June 2022, where it refrained from reinvesting all proceeds from maturing securities.

 By early January 2024, the Fed had scaled back its assets from a peak of almost 9 trillion dollars to 7.7 trillion dollars. The era of ultra-low interest rates, which consumers had become accustomed to since the 2008 financial crisis, has likely drawn to a close.