Economist’s Thoughts and Opinions 5-15-2024


U.S. Stock Market And Banks Are About To Be Devastated By Black Swan Event!

Atlantis Report:  5-15-2024

U.S. Stock Market And Banks Are About To Be Devastated By Black Swan Event!

The U.S. financial sector is experiencing severe problems. Our stock market and banking sector are bracing for an imminent black swan event.

 Energy prices are unstable, with oil prices fluctuating wildly while shipping costs remain stubbornly high.

 As these prices fluctuate wildly, a new trading phenomenon is gaining traction on Wall Street.

These ultra-short-term bets are gaining popularity and could trigger a black swan event.

These issues could initiate a domino effect, leading to a major financial crisis that could devastate the U.S. stock market and banks.

Fiscal Future: ‘Rubicon Crossed’ with Soaring U.S. Government Spending – Peter Boockvar

Kitco News:  5-14-2024

Jeremy Szafron, Anchor at Kitco News, interviews Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group and editor of The Boock Report.

 In this interview Peter shares his latest insights on the U.S. economy, examining the implications of recent fiscal pressures like the soaring costs of U.S. government spending and the shifts from a 40-year bond bull market to a bear market.

Boockvar also analyzes how these factors might influence the Federal Reserve’s policies and the broader financial markets. Additionally, he offers strategic investment advice in light of the current economic landscape, including his perspective on utility stocks and sectors poised for growth.

0:00 – Introduction and Welcome

1:15 – U.S. Economic Pressures Discussed

 3:00 – Impact of Fiscal Trends on Economy

5:10 – Shift from Bond Bull to Bear Market

7:25 – Significance of Rising Debt Costs

 9:50 – Government Spending and Economic Impact

12:15 – Dependence on Domestic Funding

15:00 – Exploring High Debt Figures

18:00 – Global Bond Market and U.S. Economy

21:00 – Inflation Trends and Debt Sustainability

 23:00 – Closing Remarks and Future Outlook

On The Ledge’ Of Systemic Financial Crisis, Fed Is Giving Life Support | Mehrsa Baradaran

David Lin:  5-15-2024

Mehrsa Baradaran, Professor of Law at UC Irvine, discusses the risks facing our financial system

0:00 – Intro

 0:40 – Evolution of banking regulations

7:00 – Should banks fail?

13:20 – Another financial crisis

 17:00 – Insuring crypto firms

21:11 – Capitalism and neoliberalism

 26:42 – Wealth gap

 35:10 – CEO pay

38:15 – Gold standard