Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Afternoon 4-3-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Afternoon 4-3-24
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Executive Order 13303 Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has An Interest.

Signed by   GEORGE W. BUSH THE WHITE HOUSE, May 22, 2003.   Executive Order 13303



“Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has an Interest”

The lifting of this executive order 13303 and the movement from that account to an Iraqi2 account allows Iraq to trade their oil revenue payments in the Iraqi dinar, instead of, the dollar.

The protections of the United States Dollar mechanisms is no longer needed for Iraq since they are integrated into the Digital Asset Based Trading System at this point.

We just recently witnessed their auctions being done successfully on these new digital mechanisms, and it secured their money in the transfers very well.

The oil production of Iraq will now be traded in the Iraqi Dinar. It will begin to place price pressures and demand for the Iraqi Dinar going forward. Let’s take a look at the areas of disbursements this will affect for Iraq. See below paragraph.

“Disbursements: To date, disbursements from the DFI have been in support of the wheat purchase program, the currency exchange program, the electricity and oil infrastructure programs, equipment for Iraqis security forces, and for Iraqi civil service salaries and ministry budget operations.”

These new demands now being traded in the Iraqi dinar will create price pressures that form new price actions on the market. Appreciations on a country’s currency making these moves are expected.
Kurdistan24    OFAC Treasury    GovInfo Library

Watch the water.

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Research at the Central Bank of Iraq revealed a decrease in the ratio of non-performing loans to total credit.

The Department of Statistics and Research said that the ratio of non-performing loans to total cash credit witnessed a decline, reaching (6.3%) during the year 2023, compared to (7.2%) in 2022, while in 2021 it recorded (8.8%) and in 2020.

It reached (8.9%), and the department added that the ratio of non-performing loans to total deposits for the year 2023 recorded a rate of (3.2%) compared to the last three years, as it was recorded in 2022 (3.4%), while in 2021 it reached (4.9%) while It was (5.2%) in 2020.

The Central Bank of Iraq confirms that this percentage is an indicator of the efficiency of the Iraqi banking sector in its endeavor to develop its products and adopt new methods and advanced systems for granting credit and reducing the risks of default in accordance with the contexts followed globally.
Central Bank of Iraq  information Office  4/3/2024


Posted on 11 08, 2023
“World Silver Survey, the Silver Institute’s most influential publication will be released on April 17 in New York City and April 19, 2024 in Mexico City. The Institute will issue a press release with the report’s findings on the 17th and post the 2024 edition to our website. A library of past Survey’s can be found here: World Silver Survey Library (”

Here is what you can expect. There is a strong expectation that we currently have a short squeeze taking place in the silver market.

This will affect the Banking System as so many trades back and forth daily on the COMEX paper trades have propped the system up.   Silver Institute

Are we about to see a second decoupling event in the Commodity Market?

Hi ho Silver. Away.

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We have seen a decoupling event in copper, silver is in the process, and gold is around the corner.

These are the Commodity Assets that supports our Global Economies.

When they are free to find their real values, the movement into the new digital asset based trading system will have a new liquidity base for real values.

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For new prices on Silver and Gold. Watch the US Debt Clock.


Hong Kong Banking Announcement:

HKMA is in the process of providing guidance for their banking system on the adoption of a Digital Ledger Transmission system.

The DLT will allow Tokenized Assets from their Markets to be processed through their banking system – digitally.

On the retail side, it will help their point of sales purchases inside their local economy.

It is also important to note that Hong Kong has already gone through crypto regulations in their Stablecoin which represents their currencies that were tested and approved by many countries to work with them in trade.  Ledger Insights   LeeWayHertz   Wikipedia

The last article below will give you an idea of their trading partners.

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Do you remember the words sewn on to your clothes? “Made in Hong Kong.” They trade in sooooooo many countries around the world.

Now, reread the above article on Hong Kong, and you will see why this is so important.

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THE SILVER BREAKOUT: Off To $48? | Mike Maloney & Tavi Costa | Youtube


Take a close look at silver’s cup and handle formation.  Right behind it is a coil.

Silver is on the cusp of a breakout. This cup and handle has been forming on Silver for over 47 years.

This shift is very close to the time when we moved from a gold standard to a fiat system.

It has been one of the indicators to watch for traders that will allow us to know when the next system is close in hand.

As we continue to transition into a new digital economy, it will be the commodity bull market that will lead the way.

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20% Yield On XRP AMM | Youtube


Stablecoin Expansion Continues Even as Bitcoin (BTC) Rally Appears to Stall | Coindesk


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