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Clare:  Finance Committee: Salaries are secured in the 2024 budget and there is no financial crisis in Iraq

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The Parliamentary Finance Committee, this evening, Thursday (March 28, 2024), reassured employees and retirees regarding their salaries in the financial budget for the year 2024.

The head of the committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, told the official agency, followed by “Baghdad Today,” “We are awaiting the arrival of the 2024 budget schedules.”

He added, “The salaries of employees, retirees, and the protection network are secured in the 2024 budget.”

Al-Atwani stressed, “There is no financial crisis in Iraq.”

The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, announced yesterday, Wednesday, that “the total budget for 2024 amounted to about 228 trillion dinars.”

While the Minister of Planning, Muhammad Tamim, said during his hosting of the Finance Committee yesterday that the government committee responsible for reviewing and auditing these tables is working to reduce the deficit amounting to 80 trillion dinars because it is considered a large deficit.   LINK


Clare:  Prime Minister: Starting to prepare the 2024 budget schedules

3/28/2024 Baghdad – 

The Prime Minister stressed today, Thursday, that local governments must make their efforts to enhance citizen confidence, while announcing the start of setting 2024 budget schedules.

 Al-Sudani said in a speech during the second session of the Supreme Commission for Coordination between the Governorates, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “This meeting is the first after the local elections were held,” pointing out that “the elections were one of the important milestones that represent an achievement of the political process.”

He added, “Local governments must work as one team and make their efforts to enhance citizen confidence.” He stressed that “local governments are an integral part of the executive authority,” noting that “the evaluation of officials must be subject to a professional and scientific program.”

He concluded by stressing: “Our goal is to serve our people,” pointing at the same time to begin setting the 2024 budget schedules.   LINK


Clare:  Sudanese announces the start of setting 2024 budget schedules


 Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani announced today, Thursday, the start of setting 2024 budget schedules that include added financial entitlements to the governorates that will be allocated to infrastructure.

 Al-Sudani stated, during the second session of the Supreme Commission for Coordination between governorates not organized into a region, in the presence of governors and new heads of provincial councils, that: “The Supreme Commission for Coordination between Governorates is a body formed according to the law that is responsible for addressing obstacles and developing mechanisms to manage common jurisdictions,” stressing, “starting to establish schedules.” The 2024 budget, including financial entitlements added to the governorates, will be allocated to infrastructure.”

Al-Sudani explained, “The government is keen on making the mission of local governments a success, despite the presence of trolls who do not like the vision of stability in the country,” stressing that “correct management of public money will provide positive and correct indicators, and requires working with a vision that takes into consideration the coming years and meeting entitlements.” .   LINK

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Mnt Goat   …it is very significant to collect…dollars stashed in the homes of the citizens. This is the next step.  But they told us the CBI would not take this next big step, to collect all this cash, unless they first got the parallel market under control.   Now they are telling us it is under control. …But how will the CBI get all these hordes of cash out of the homes and into the banks? …Yes, more purchasing power…But how do you get more purchasing power? You must increase the rate of the dinar and I firmly believe this will be next step and this is coming soon, VERY soon!  [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Mnt Goat   But slow down cowboy, I did not yet say reinstatement…this is going to be first an in-country revaluation… We don’t actually know the next “program” rate revaluation from 1320, but we do know with certainly it must be over a dollar.  How much over to give enough incentive to turn in the dollars, we don’t know. … We are not going to exchange at this rate anyhow. Later, after the reinstatement, If you live in the U.S. you will get the U.S. rate, if in Canada you will get the Canadian rate or if you live in the EU you will get the European rate.  I told it will be significantly higher than the initial in-country rate by the time we see it and go to the bank…    [Post 2 of 2]

Andy Schectman: The Great Reset…BRICS, Bitcoin, and the Global Gold Rush

Natalie Brunell:  3-29-2024

In this episode with Andy Schectman, powered by Bitdeer Technologies Group (NASDAQ: BTDR), we explore:

 – Are Silver and Gold prices being suppressed by West to the benefit of the East?

 – The US dollar’s death by “a thousand cuts”

– The rise of BRICS and central banks buying gold

 – Commodities markets getting cornered and the West getting “pick-pocketed”

– What is the solution to all this sovereign debt?

 – Will US remain the global reserve currency?