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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 15 May 2024

Compiled Wed. 15 May 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

NESARA/GESARA: The Dawn of a New World

“The End of Poverty, The End of Debt, The Beginning of a New Golden Age!” Prepare for a world where poverty, hunger, and debt are relics of the past, replaced by global prosperity and lasting peace for all!

NESARA Joins Forces with GESARA: In a monumental shift, NESARA, a comprehensive economic reform plan for the United States, has united its destiny with GESARA, its global counterpart. This momentous announcement heralds a profound transformation that will impact not only the United States but also a coalition of 206 sovereign nations worldwide. The linchpin of this transformation is the new financial system enshrined within GESARA.

A Global Gold-Standard Monetary System: Once GESARA takes center stage, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will declare the inception of a “global gold-standard monetary system.” In this new era, all remaining fiat currencies will be exchanged for gold-backed currency, a significant step away from paper money. The march toward digital currencies will gain momentum under this revitalized financial system.

A Transition Rooted in Simplicity: To ensure a seamless transition, meticulous preparations have been made. The new financial system has been operational for months, securely hosted on a quantum server impervious to hacking or unauthorized access. Crucially, wealth proliferation is a cornerstone of this transformation. Newly minted wealth holders are more inclined to contribute to humanitarian efforts, ultimately fostering wealth for all.

Wealth-Building Mechanisms: This transformation might witness a shortage of skilled workers, which, paradoxically, is a wealth-building catalyst. The resulting surge in wages and salaries counterbalances the price drop stemming from tax reductions, sometimes up to 80% of final product costs, thus ushering in deflation. Lower energy costs, thanks to free-energy technologies, further contribute to this financial renaissance.

The Future: A Glorious Reality: Our future is poised to be a grand tapestry of innovation and abundance. Technologies once suppressed by the cabal, some dating back centuries, are finally being unleashed. For instance, the pristine waters of Antarctica will revitalize arid regions and infuse life into all flora and fauna. A world with personalized credit cards, Replicators that produce everything, and newfound awareness of the power of the mind to manifest our desires awaits. Real healthcare capable of rejuvenating our bodies, re-growing limbs or organs, and even reversing the aging process by decades is on the horizon.

Liberation from Financial Chains: Money and traditional banking, tools historically employed by the cabal to manipulate and control us within a debt-based economy, are slated for obsolescence. Coinage, however, will endure. With the elimination of national debts globally, taxes will be lowered for individuals and corporations. Instead, a flat sales tax of approximately 15% on new items will be implemented.

The Dissolution of the Global Elite’s Pyramid: The current pyramid structure dominated by the global elite, governments, and corporations has reached its limit. This structure perpetuates class divisions and scarcity. True spiritual evolution arises when one’s identity transcends material attachments. With the advent of free energy, advanced transportation, and Replicators accessible to all, true equality emerges. No one will be enslaved, people will pursue their passions with ample free time for reflection and creativity. Hoarding becomes unnecessary.

A Vision of Advanced Civilization: In advanced civilizations, concerns about food, shelter, and transportation are relics of the past. As NESARA and GESARA unfurl, we stand on the brink of a world where prosperity, freedom, and innovation thrive, and the human spirit soars unburdened by material concerns.

The Critical GESARA Teachings Every American Needs to Learn Before the Financial Reset!


Global Currency Reset:

Tues. 14 May 2024 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#

Bruce’s US Space Force contact indicated Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) would have a window to receive notification between tonight Tues. 14 May and Wed. night 15 May.

An Iraqi source said there was an in-country Dinar Rate at over $8. The Dong was just below $8.

The Dinar went on a CBI platform to trade (not on the Forex).

On Sun. 12 May the PM of Iraq made two of the three announcements he was supposed to make, with the third announcement made on Mon. 13 May.

Our banking accounts have been mirrored on the QFS. Those accounts were made live on the QFS yesterday Mon. 13 May.

Tues. 14 May 2024: The Ancient Frequency Powering the Quantum Financial System Revealed: Setting Up the QFS Accounts!

Mon. 13 May 2024: NESARA & QFS Plan: The Process of RV Redemption Started, Actual Signature Forms like NDA and Post-Redemption Plan Documents – Trust the Plan! – American Media Group (

Tues. 14 May 2024: EBS Alert!!! Martial Law Declared Across Hundreds of U.S. Cities! 10-Day Blackout, GITMO’s Secret Tribunals and the Rollout of Redemption Centers & Quantum Financial Cards! – Gazetteller

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Mnt Goat Iraq is always much farther ahead than it seems in these articles, as they can read a bit gloomy at times like there is a ton more of work to be done. But in reality, they are much, much closer to accomplishing most of the goals to the Pillars of Financial Reform as we realize as needed to progress forward into the international arena and play ball with the big guys… Folks, it is coming…we can’t stop it now. It is just a matter of time.

Walkingstick  [Information from Iraq bank owner #1 friend]   Ever since Sudani came back from Washington DC the government of Iraq…has been in the process of making…videos, commercials, advertising.  Sudani has been doing this on behalf of the executive level of all the private banks…These videos will soon be released and shown on Iraqi television
and the big screens.  Suandi and the GOI are making these videos with the executive branch of each bank to teach the Iraqi citizens about the new national currency…and the process of the new exchange rate…There will be a primary video, a spearhead video.  The videos will be with the head of the private banks, the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the whole of the board members, the government of Iraq, Sudani himself, the Minister of Planning, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Oil.  It will encompass all of the GOI of Sudani because the GOI encompasses the entire executive branch...These videos will explain to the Iraqi citizens the process of the monetary reform and where it is at that moment…   [Post 2 of 2]



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