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CandyKisses:  Iraq is in first place. Iranian official: Our trade with neighboring countries amounted to $50 billion

Baghdad Today – Follow-up

An Iranian official revealed on Sunday (February 11, 2024) that the volume of non-oil trade between Iran and 15 neighboring countries amounted to $50 billion during the past ten months of the current Iranian year, which ends on March 20, adding that “Iraq occupied the first place in Iran’s exports.”

The spokesman for the Iranian Trade Development Committee, Ruhollah Latifi, told the news agency “Ilna”, followed by “Baghdad Today”: “The volume of non-oil trade between Iran and 15 neighboring countries amounted to $ 50 billion during the 10 months of the current Iranian year, which was accompanied by a growth of 1.8 percent compared to the same period last year.”

He added: “From the beginning of March 2023 until January 2024, 79,982,360 tons of goods worth 49 billion 831 million 871 thousand dollars were exported between Iran and Iran’s neighboring countries, and the share of Iran’s exports to these countries amounted to 60 million 368 thousand 642 tons of goods worth 23 billion 150 million 483 thousand dollars, and the share of Iran’s imports from neighboring countries amounted to 19 million and 613 thousand and 717 tons worth 26 billion and 681 million and 388 thousand and 465 dollars.”

Regarding the export of Iranian food and agricultural products to neighboring countries, Latifi said: “In 10 months of this year, 6 and 151 million and 744 tons of livestock were exported, and fish, agricultural and food products worth three billion and 909 million And 648 thousand and 708 dollars were exported to Iran’s neighboring countries.”

According to Latifi, Iraq ranked first with $7.2 billion, followed by the UAE with $5.2 billion, Turkey with $3.5 billion, Pakistan with $1.7 billion, and Afghanistan with $1.5 billion, in exporting Iranian goods.

He pointed out that “the Sultanate of Oman ranked sixth with the purchase of $916 million, followed by Russia with $760 million, Azerbaijan with $499.5 million, Turkmenistan with $368 million, Armenia with $333 million, Kazakhstan with $163.5 million , Kuwait with $146 million, and Qatar with $146 million. Bahrain $8.3 million and Saudi Arabia $361,000.”

On the volume of Iranian imports from neighboring countries, he said: “The UAE sold $17 billion, Turkey sold $6 billion, Russia sold $1.5 billion, Oman sold $778 million, Pakistan sold $527 billion dollars, and the first million five countries that exported their goods to Iran.”

Source: Iranian “ILNA” news agency


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Iraq is moving towards going into a market economy…it’s quite obvious…Tensions are the trade lines between Egypt and Jordan because of the Red Sea.  There’s been some chaos going on with different factions disrupting trade…Iraq’s Development Road Project Article quote: “Iraq supports an alternative to the international transport lines that deliver good from the East to the West.”  Everything’s coinciding at this time with the major international transport companies coming into play…

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:  So far we are not seeing the lower notes but they talk to us about them every day.  They just talk to us about them and why we’ll need them.  FRANK:  They are talking to you about the lower notes and coins because they are about to show them to you next week or the week after.  I believe your bank friend will show you something in the sense of pictures…Take as many pictures as you can.



Clare:  Al-Sudani cancels his visit to the Emirates and apologizes to its president


An official source revealed that Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani canceled his scheduled visit to the Emirates on Monday.  

The source told Shafaq News Agency that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani canceled his visit to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the World Government Summit, without knowing the reasons for canceling the visit.   LINK

Harlequin3:  Hmmm. Odd…..imo


Greg Mannarino:  2-12-2024

HERE WE GO: Fed Chair Powell Declares Certain Banks Must Go Amidst Commercial Real Estate Downturn

Taylor Kenny:  2-11-2024

Is the regional bank crisis ending or just starting? Recent developments, such as the sharp decline in New York Community Bancorp’s stock from commercial real estate losses, signal potential trouble. With $500 billion in debt maturing this year and falling property values, small banks are bracing for a crisis.


00:00 NYCB Collapse

01:30 Regional Bank Stakes

 04:21 Office Loan Delinquencies 5-year High

06:00 Regional Bank Stocks Plummet