Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 3-4-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 3-4-24

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“Glassnode on Wednesday reported that major US OTC platforms have run out of bitcoins, with only 40 coins remaining. This development shows an imminent supply shortage which directly signals the potential for a big price pump shortly.”

Yes, Bitcoin is 15 years old and running out of supply. There are only 40 bitcoins left as of 3 days ago. At this point, the demand for Bitcoins are outpacing their supply.

When demand outpaces supply, the corresponding response for an asset is to rise in its value.

Historically, Bitcoin tends to lead the rally for all the crypto space. An upward movement is expected going forward inside our new digital economy.

A bull run in the crypto space will encourage digital adoption as this new asset class begins to form new price pressures going forward.

Remember, everything is being tokenized including Forex. Remember….   Coin Market Cap

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“Bitwise anticipates a surge in institutional investment into Bitcoin ETFs in the coming months as major financial institutions, known as “wirehouses,” start offering Bitcoin ETF trades to their clients.”

A wirehouse is a full-service broker-dealer of any size. Although many broker-dealers are “independent” firms involved in broker-dealer services, others are subsidiaries of commercial banks, investment banks, or investment companies. They sell Securities such as spot Bitcoin ETFs for their clients leveling the playing field between the retail Market and Institutional Financing.

For this reason, the competition for gold through digital assets can now be obtained through anyone desiring to become a part of the new Financial System through these new additions to their portfolios.

This is expected to create a gold rush into the next economy for well over a decade. We are simply beginning a process of transformation that will change values in every sector of our Global markets going forward.   Crypto News   CoinTelegraph

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“Russia is testing digital asset payment technology as groundwork for a potential BRICS digital currency.

The move aims to reduce global dependency on the US Dollar, aligning  with BRICS’ de-dollarization efforts.

Digital currency trials are starting with China and Eurasian Economic Union countries, under Russia’s initiative.”

Russia is making a move inside the new digital economy. They are testing their new payment system with digital assets formulating a pre BRICS currency launch.

Vladimir Putin is the current chairman for the BRICS Nations. One of the qualifications in belonging to the BRICS Nations is that countries have to back their economy by gold or other commodities. These new global economic initiatives are what is leading the drive towards a Global Currency Reset.

A new trading currency with a backing by gold for the BRICS Nations is rapidly becoming more than just a simple threat to the current Global Monetary System.

Russia is currently taking practical steps in lowering their dependence on the US dollar in trade among nations. And, these changes are affecting the current ratings of their currency. Enough so, that the FATF is currently re-rating their currency.

When a countries’ currency is re-rated, it means they are currently in process of a revaluation inside their new currency values and mechanisms for the dissemination of these new values in trade. Yes, new exchange rates.

“The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog. It sets international standards that aim to prevent these illegal activities and the harm they cause to society.”

Look for the FATF to get more involved in the BRICS Nations as they set forth new trading mechanisms designed to enhance their group’s local currency values through their new digital asset-based trading system.

This is a move from a pegged currency with the dollar to a free floating exchange rate determined by the markets. Gold adds value to currencies that have been devalued over the years and equalizes the playing field for each country involving themselves inside free-floating mechanisms.

Watch the water.

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Regulation Asia
Times of India

FATF Recommendations


What is The Dodd Frank Act? | YouTube


Dodd-Frank Act Update:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released a revised version of its Cybersecurity Framework guidance detailing steps organizations can take to reduce cybersecurity risks, placing a greater priority on the role of corporate governance and supply chains in protecting sensitive data.
Dodd Frank Update


China and Russia have almost completely abandoned the US dollar in bilateral trade as the push to de-dollarize intensifies | Business Insider


The U.S. national debt is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days | CNBC


ZTX Ushers in Digital Real Estate Era | InvestorsObserver

Ripple offers a fast, and cost-effective cross-border payment solution for banks and financial institutions globally. Ripple’s platform, Ripple Net, facilitates instant and transparent transactions, positioning itself as a more efficient alternative to traditional financial services.

Ripple is a blockchain-based digital payment network working to facilitate the transfer of value between different fiat currencies for its customers. XRP is the native cryptocurrency of Ripple.



Great Reset Watch: EU Parliament Approves ‘Digital Identity Wallet’ | Breitbart


Tether’s USDT stablecoin hits historic $100B market cap | CoinTelegraph


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