Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 3-17-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Sunday Evening 3-17-24

Good Evening ,

We have three countries making Monetary Policy shifts to their currencies. Each of these shifts involves a lesser dependence upon the dollar. Movement into their own local currency backed by the integration into a Digital Gold Backed International Standard will enable them to strengthen their currencies’ values going forward.

Nigeria has just filled out an application to join the BRICS Nations. They have already moved their currency to a supply and demand policy enabling them to trade their currency on the local level with other nations.

Nigeria has a huge supply of oil to trade that will collateralize their currencies’ movement into the BRICS Nations and trade with Saudi Arabia under the guidelines of a local currency trade policy.

Israel is going digital. They are currently in a pilot study to determine policy changes to their currency. Currently, the Israeli shekel can be owned by private VIP persons and Institutions at this time, but their shift into a new digital economy is forthcoming once this sandbox test determines new regulations for their distribution.

And Japan, they are finally moving from negative rates to positive rates. A country’s currency will rise in value when interest rates are allowed to move into positive interest flows. Because higher rates will attract more foreign capital, capital inflows result in a buildup of foreign exchange reserves.

The build-up of foreign exchange reserves will allow their country to purchase their own domestic currency at a favorable value.

A diversified portfolio of currencies held within a country minimizes risk should challenges to the World Economy begin to take shape.

“The Japanese Basel framework is compliant with the Global Standard agreed by the Basel Committee.” Their implementation of Basel 3 compliance is expected to begin on March 31st, 2024.

Japan’s full implementation into Basel 3 compliance will enable them to ride the waves of change as our Global Economy becomes more and more of a Digital Gold Standard through the continued expansion of Protocol 20 inside a Digital Economy.

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – “Ali Mohsen al-Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), said on Thursday that the US has agreed to review recent sanctions on Iraqi banks, adding that in the future, similar punitive measures will be taken in consultation with Baghdad.”

Do you see what is happening? Iraq is beginning to assume their own Sovereignty going forward. These US sanctions have kept Iraq from moving forward with their economic reforms on the International level, and now, we are witnessing final reviews of Iraq’s sanctions.

Once these are released, Iraq will be able to move forward with many of the rest of their economic reforms to connect with other countries on the International stage in trade and development.

The ability for Iraq to move freely within their own banking system will give Iraq currency ranges to work from in determining exchange rates between other countries.

The ability to trade in Iraqi Dinars instead of the dollar will give them purchasing power and control going forward.   RUDAW

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There it is.     It’s all out in the open.   Read: Gold Telegraph


Migrants Could Get $500 a Month Under New Bill | Newsweek


US Banks See Large Deposit Inflows As Bailout Fund Expires, RRP Liquidity Plunges | ZeroHedge


SEPA Payment System for the Euro Zone Announcement:

Migration of the SEPA payment schemes to the 2019 version of ISO 20022 postponed to Sunday 17 March 2024

Since the end of March 2023, the European Payments Council (EPC) has closely monitored the SEPA payment scheme participants’ preparations to migrate the four SEPA payment schemes (i.e. the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT), SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst), SEPA Direct Debit Core (SDD Core) and SDD Business-to-Business (SDD B2B) schemes) to the 2019 version of the ISO 20022-based XML messaging standard, originally envisaged for 19 November 2023.

This means that all four 2023 SEPA payment scheme rulebooks and related implementation guidelines (IGs) will enter into force on Sunday 17 March 2024.

With respect to the entry-into-force time of the 2023 SCT Inst scheme rulebook, it is now set at Sunday 17 March 2024 at 03H30 CET. This new entry-into-force time will be preceded by a SEPA-wide 30-minute downtime period from 03H00 CET up to 03H30 CET.

SEPA payments are cashless payments in Euro currency that are processed via the Single Euro Payments Area network to facilitate cross-border bank transfers in 36 Eurozone and non-euro area countries. The SEPA payment method makes cross-border transfers fast and cost-effective.
European Payments Council   Tipalti 


BRICS Unites Against Dollar: Russia’s Move to Embrace DFAs | Crypto News Flash


Crucial Russian sovereign bond payment received by JPMorgan, processed -source | Finance Yahoo


SILVER RED ALERT! 76.3Moz of Silver Imported by India in FEBRUARY!! Game Over RIGGERS! (Bix Weir) | YouTube 


Evidence is mounting that many Americans have reached their limit for tolerating higher prices, raising questions about how much consumer expenditures will continue to power US economic growth this year.   West Observer


World Shipping Council Announcement:

A new cargo safety program is being implemented by the World Shipping Council to promote safety features added to the new digital platform for the shipment of dangerous goods being sailed across the waters. The National Cargo Bureau will be heading up these new initiatives.  India Shipping News


Digital Markets Act Announcement:

Following the EU’s continued doubling-down on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), it looks like Google has finally begun giving Pixel users an option to change the default search engine on their phones, based on a new report online.  PH Android


BIS’s New Global Agenda: Tokenization and Digital Ownership of Your Assets | YouTube


Swiss digital identity law approved by parliament lower house | Biometric Update


I understand that many people come to this room in hopes of being able to discuss some of their ideas. It’s just not that kind of room due to the fact that there are many false narratives at play during the end game.  

I keep it this way for a reason. There are a lot of people out there looking for dates and rates and supporting narratives that will give them encouragement for what they are looking for in the near term. I just don’t want to put you through all of that and mix up your mind and emotions with thoughts that don’t need to be inside you.

I will let you know when I see rate changes. And, I do have very high sources that will enable me to give you that information as soon as it comes out. It costs you nothing to be in this room, but I do hope you do your own research after I make comments in the links that are provided for you.

You will find that I have a reason to say what I say to you coming from sources such as digital developers on the new economy, government resources, lawyer resources, Banking resources, and trading resources. These are the sources of information that will let us know what is being done behind the scenes for us to get to that exchange rate process.

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends.

© Goldilocks


I have noticed that a great interest in my sources of information provided for you the last two and a half years is growing in this room and my Goldilocks Highlights room. When you put the two rooms together, there are over 13,000 people who come to look for this information on a daily basis.

Dee, my friend, has put this information out for a very long time. Her commitment to sharing truthful information with many of you has been met with great energy and effort. Thank You Dee. Your tireless efforts are a great encouragement for me.

This is not counting what the Q&A Room does in explaining and breaking down this information in that room along with the Truth Teller Room on Telegram. Freedom Fighter is a man who clearly wants people to have information that will provide empowerment to their well-being and financial success.

I want to thank Freedom Fighter for all the work that he does to keep these rooms going along with him and Jester who provide quality information beyond what I say on Saturday Night Live.
Jester has proven himself to be accurate in his findings and revelations from his high-level sources on what is going on in the Global Economy for years. He has a couple of rooms here on Telegram, but the one I am most aware of is his Jester’s Intel Hub. You have been my inspiration for a very long time my friend.

And most of all, none of this growth would have been possible without Salty Toes who runs the Seeds of Wisdom website bringing all of us together as a group of teachers willing to share insights on what we know.

The Seeds of Wisdom Team recently had a contest to help others in need of care. It involved all of the people who are leaders in sharing information from this group. The following list is made up of those who share information from the Seeds of Wisdom Team.

The results are as follows:

2nd  Texas Snake
3rd  Q&A w/ Freedom Fighter

* 4th – Goldilocks
* 5th – Back to Basics
* 6th – Bob Lock
* 7th – Isaac
* 8th – Jesters Hub
* 9th – Pets
* 10th – Prayers & Encouragement
* 11th – Okie

I am told that Elephant in the Room only one this race because she outstretched her long nose at the finish line. 😉

© Goldilocks


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