Iraqi Electricity: The smart transformation project ensures 24-hour power supply

Iraqi Electricity: The smart transformation project ensures 24-hour power supply

In a meeting led by Minister of Electricity Ziad Ali Fadel today, Sunday, the Ministry of Electricity said that the smart transformation project will guarantee the supply of electricity continuously.

The Ministry emphasized the significance of these projects and the government’s attention on adopting them as a key turning point in a statement that NRT Arabic was provided a copy of. The Ministry said that the efforts made included many studies and analyses of projects in various locations.

During the evaluation of smart transformation and electronic collection methods, the Minister emphasized the need to keep taking the required actions to cut down on energy waste and enhance services.

According to the statement, after a number of regions’ energy networks were examined and evaluated, 10 areas—including the capital, Baghdad, and other governorates—were chosen to carry out the project’s initial phase.

A number of significant subjects were covered, he continued, including the financial model that rival businesses would present, added values, and internal returns. He also mentioned that the emphasis was on enhancing networks, figuring out and lowering waste rates, as well as keeping an eye on the computation of prepared and lost energies and figuring out time limits for interacting with her.

The Ministry emphasized that the project will provide complete service and energy supply around-the-clock without raising tariff costs. It will also help residents with middle-class and lower-class incomes and enhance the management and regulation of heavy loads.